White Wonders

I would've finished this entry earlier today but if you've read my latest tweet, I'm sure you know why. My little brother and I were on our way to celebrate our cousin's birthday party who happens to live in Mandaue. We had a smooth drive 'til we reached the shortcut by the Parkmall area until everything stopped from there! It took us close to waiting forever I swear!! I definitely felt bad for my lil' bro since he was super excited to go and the traffic just drained all that excitement and its' sad how I couldn't do anything about it. But fast forward to all that waiting hassle, we've finally made it. We started traveling by about 3pm and arrived at almost 6pm. Can you just imagine that!! Anyhooo, let's move on to that now and proceed to today's post, shall we?

Lately, the weather's been soooo bipolar that I find it hard to wear heels and I've also been driving almost every single day. So what do I have to do to solve this? Invest on mandals of course! Thank you for the perfect timing, fashion gods! Got these very chic with an awesome print mandals from Tonic just few weeks ago and this is the first look I styled it with. And yes, there's more to come. lol! 

Totally loved how I played with different silhouettes and prints here and with the perfect details to mix and match, the total ensemble wasn't a failure!

What do you think about my look?

House of Eva overalls, Monkee Business lace top, Tonic mandals, Abby Jocson bag, Romwe hat, Extreme Finds necklaces, Pretty Little Blings rings

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