Here's something you might want to know; I'm not wearing a skirt!!! And I'm not mad lol! But before anything else, I promised to explain myself or let's just use the term 'update' you guys on what I've been up to when I wasn't writing for weeks. Where do I even start? I guess when I started applying for a student permit for driving, and then I enrolled myself on manual driving lessons got back weeks after to finally apply for driver's license (and I'm sure you know how long and tiring just to process that! ugh!). Luckily though, I passed all the tests and I'm currently driving now. Yay! It's actually one of my goals before I turn (*sobs*) twenty. And then of course, exams followed and intramurals. Obviously, there's still a lot of insert here and insert there moments that had happened during those weeks. But oh how time flies! I'm more than happy to be working back here! And I do appreciate everyone, especially my loyal readers who kept visiting my blog even though I wasn't updating it yet.

Soooo shall we proceed to my look? I'm sure you can't wait too! I definitely miss this! 
How ironic of me wearing a corset under a gloomy weather but really, I just didn't want to be too wrapped up that day. And if you still haven't noticed, I'm showing off some skin there and this barely happens. Haha! Went out with this look to a brunch with my gal Ara, who also took these photos and some of my previous looks too! Currently investing on flats nowadays because this barely happens in the fashion industry, definitely can't wait for heels to hit back!

Instead of pairing this corset with the usual high waist shorts and jeans, I managed to keep it modern vintage casual by pairing them with culottes. I've been keeping these for a long time already and it was the perfect time to take them out! I've always been a conservative dresser. Believe it or not, I started wearing short shorts in public when I was in 2ndyr high school! I've been a bermuda shorts, midi shorts and culottes kind of girl before that. It feels great to be back in these ensembles now.

What do you think about my look?

Topshop corset, Vintage culottes (similar here), Pinky Toes sandals, Tomato bag, Istorya necklaces, WAGW belt, Goody elastics

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