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Look who suddenly wrote something after all the years that went by since the last 'promising' post. If you've decided to give up on me for whatever reason, I totally understand and do still appreciate you for the support you've given me and this blog. But to everyone that's just been patiently waiting and hoping I'd come back, hey! Hi! I'm here and that's what matters. Now, just like before, I need you to be with me as I once again, FINALLY, come back to blogging. After all, I feel like it's one of the very few things I know I'll always love doing. This time though, will be very different from before and you will see and understand as we go along. For years I've always thought about the 'come back' post- what to say, and if I have to explain myself and update everyone about what has happened in my life. Well it always seemed like that's such a long way and I would rather not do that so, I've finally decided to just write something in a way how you see someone you haven't seen in so long. And this is it. The best way I know at least. Or if anything, buy me a coffee? And let's catch-up! This is a way for me to start building my website slowly, with your support, love, and patience. Buy me a coffee! Check the link below or click right on the yellow-colored button on the right side of my website. Thank you for being here, I appreciate you and I hope you'll keep hanging out here with me. Just like the old times. Don't forget your mask! 


Where I Left

I owe you one.


It's a roller coaster. Every year is! But what makes this year any different? Where was I and what happened? I left every reader hanging and got stuck with inconsistent social media posts. People asked me why I stopped posting and when is my next post, I gave them the lamest answer for the most part; "I had too many photos to edit and barely have time." Let me know if that sounds convincing enough or not, okay? But this post is no excuse for me because ever since I started, this blog is mostly for you guys and I wouldn't be here without all of you. As always, I'll be concise and clear. The early months of the year didn't turn out as good for me as well as few months by the end. 'Life happens' as they say it, really hit me hard and made me understood what that really meant. It was like an indirect face slap! 
But as you can see, I'm still here. Yay! I believe I'm the best version of myself now despite all that had happened and I'm here to let you guys know that I will never be MIA and leave you hanging for a very long time again. This is my longest backlog and I could hardly believe it myself! Let's reunite and catch up because we've been through ups and downs together 😉

So, shall we?

I've got a lot of things to tell you and let me start by telling directly that I've gained weight this year. People who've seen me know it and they tell it straight to my face. It's quite a big ish for me since I never gained this much until this year. Quite an experience I have to say but to give you guys proof, I thought about starting where I left off. I still have backlogs and travel posts from last year and I'm definitely gonna start from there until we get to this year's post (see? I never forgot you guys! Im not that much of a bad blogger). Attending events, joined my first ever bazaar (just last month!), and exploring other make-up brands (like having my 2nd box of Kylie Cosmetics this year) are just some of the great things I've achieved this year. It isn't so bad after all!

P.S. This is NOT my year-end post. Lol.

So Much Love,


#TGWTStravels: A Trip to Downtown Seattle Memory Lane

For today and for the upcoming new year, I just want to set aside all the reasons both acceptable and not so on my looongest hiatus throughout my blogging life and simply move on. Please take note I have regrets too and that there was never a day that I didn't think of doing any work that's related to this blog. Believe me when I say I was out there still shooting despite not being able to post. The spirit is still there, my friends! And merry Christmas!

Today, I'll give you something to entertain while you're on holiday mode. This isn't the first time I visited downtown Seattle. In fact, my feet goes through a lot of walking there every time I'm in the US! (hope you read my first post about this city almost three years ago) But since my mom's friend is a newbie in the state, the pleasure was ours in touring her around the city of course and in the perfect time of my mom's birthday as well which happened to be the Easter Sunday this year. It had indeed a double purpose.

Prior to the Easter Sunday, we decided to spend the night at the Courtyard Marriott in Lake Union so by the time we wake up in the morning, we can walk directly to downtown. That's basically what we did after breakfast! lol

Last photo at the hotel lobby while checking out before hitting the city!

Don't forget to stop along the way to take photos.

A tour in Seattle is never complete without having to visit the popular Pike Place Market, the first Starbucks Coffee store in the world and of course, the Space Needle! Don't worry, I'll tell you my experiences on every tourist spot except on the market though since I've already talked about it on my previous post. The first Starbucks store in the world is packed almost every single time I visit downtown and I always tell myself to visit the next time but had never done it. Now that we have a tourist with us, we had no more excuses left not to line up. Forgot to mention, line starts by the coffee shop's cashier up to outside the store's door, by the way! But the wait was totally worth it! If we had enough time, I would definitely line up again. 

After our coffee fix, we went out of the downtown area and visited St. James Cathedral (photo not included, sorry!) to attend mass since it was still an Easter Sunday. Afterwards, we hurried up to the Seattle Space Needle before sunset hits and enjoyed the perfect six hundred and five foot tall above the ground view + dinner + and a whole lotta chitchat! Save the best for last!