Summer Casuals

I totally don't get what the weather's been playing lately I mean, whether I'm in a foreign country or at home there isn't much of a difference. I know I've talked about it so many times in so many posts but come on, it's one of the very few things to consider every time we decide our ootd's. However, today marks my short hair posts. Yay! If you followed me on Instagram (@zaaaaiii) you probably knew how much I spontaneously decided to chop off my hair weeks before summer season started. I can't really say it was easy for me to decide and do but I thought it was practical since hot weather was fast approaching. I got a lot of "sayang" and (mostly) good feedback from my friends and family that had me little doubts yet more positive feelings about it. At the end of the day, I don't have any choice but to deal with it anyway, right? That's why I'm so thankful for these tiis ganda (because we shot this by the road and it was never easy especially when so many people are already off on golden hour) photos, they made justice to my own decision and because of it I learned to appreciate my decision 'til this very day.

Though its clear enough that its already rainy season here in the Philippines, I'm certain that in the other corners of the world where some of my loyal readers reside is also where summer is. If you're struggling with what to wear at the office, attending a meeting or any important errand that requires a casual outfit under an insanely hot weather, thin and light fabrics sure provides big help on your casual layer look. I'm definitely not saying there's a need to show some skin but always pick pieces that you're really comfortable with and at the same time matches whatever you're attending for the day. Lastly, fringed kimonos aren't always meant to be worn at the beach or your usual plain tank top + ripped denim shorts combo!

What do you think?

[Get Spotted Shop bralette, Details culottes, Forever 21 kimono/oversized sunnies, Charles&Keith sandals, Abby Jocson casual tote bag]

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Comforts For Breakfast

A big throwback to the early months of twenty fifteen with my long hair and gloomy weather weeks, I decided to wake up as early as I could despite that my class starts in the afternoon that day just to get a full, belly worth breakfast to fuel me for the day. I looooove breakfasts not only because its the most important meal but also because my day isn't complete without eggs and bacon! I'm so into breakfast that at times, I miss it especially when I rush in the morning or simply because my body can't seem to let go of my cozy bed (admit it, we all go through this lol). But mind you at this day, I managed and survived to get my bums out of my sheets (and take note on a cold gloomy morning!) so that would be you-0 and me-1. Yay! Don't feel so down yet since I'm sure you're wondering how I did it. Read on to know my little secret.

It's all in the right choice of clothes, babe! Whatever type of clothes that makes you feel comfortable and at the same time matches your mood and the place you're going, go for it! I spent an early munch at the Abaca Baking Company months ago in this outfit since it matches the vibe there and the soft cottony fabric this Mango dress has seem to still make me feel like I'm in my pj's but in style. lol!

However, it's another rushing-manic-insane heat Monday today I hope you wake up with optimism sprinkled with inspirations to start your day ahead great. Have a good one!

What do you think about my look?

[Mango dress, Urban Outfitters vest, H&M bag, Forever 21 sunnies, S&H sandals]

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Miss Bella

If there's one other thing we girls mess-make aside from all the clothes' pile up just for our ootd's, its clearly make-up. Since we could never avoid creating a beautiful mess in order to have fun (you all agree applying make-up is fun, right?) while staying pretty, it's definitely important to keep organized. I've seen so many make-up organizers, containers and kits out there but I never had the urge to buy or try them out because they either lack compartments, don't have the right size or have a bad design. And doesn't that suck if you have your specifics and know what you really want but you don't see it around? Have you ever felt that way once in your life? Oh I truly got you there, dahlin'! lol. I'm so happy I found Miss Bella and finally had the time (and money) to haul their very chic and perfect make-up organizers! I'm certain some of you out there have already heard about them since their original designs have been featured so many times already but if you haven't yet, read on!

Don't you just love it when your favorite things have a better home? I've earned most of my beauty hauls and some are precious gifts and I just couldn't take the thought that I just place them in one space messily even if I don't have much like other beauty junkies out there.

Since my sunnies box got broken few months ago (because I got too many and the boxes got full 'til it gave up on me :( haha) I saw these make-up drawers and thought to utilize and use it as a new home to my trusty sunnies and specs that I got from various stores around the world. They're like my precious babies! 
I hauled so many of these chic Miss Bella acrylic organizers that has the perfect sizes and fit to all my make-up and accessories that they gave me a free highlighter and blush-on from their very own make-up line called Miss Bella cosmetics. Yay! I also got the other make-up organizer for my aunt who also loves make-up and yes, she's the one who introduced and influenced me to it. Blame her for that! Haha, kidding!

There are so many new designs and products available at Miss Bella right now that you can check out! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@missbellaph).