La Vie Parisienne

Greeting you all smiles at this late hour! Although its still sunny and bright at the other parts of the world, sure there's no time limit for sharing a smile isn't it? I could already strongly feel fall season across the globe but closer through social media which explains why I'm wearing some of my favorite fall pieces, which by the way are two of my first purchases from H&M last year and unbelievably so fast almost a year after, our very first H&M flagship opened! Aaahmazing how time flies! Not to mention, I'm really really looking forward to go to Manila. It's been quite a loooong time since I've been there and I'm super certain there's soooo many new things to try and check out! (I'm sure all the "oooo's" explained enough lol). Moving on, when I heard about the new La Vie Parisienne I finally had the guts to give it a try much credits to my good friend who've been hanging out here couple times since it opened. Now I know you guys are pretty much familiar with this place already since its been one of the popular places to visit here in my hometown but I'd be honest enough to admit its my first time to be here. I know!! What took me so long, right? But other than that, I thought it was also the perfect timing, less people + perfect weather for my fall season outfit! So let me leave you here enjoying the stunning new La Vie and even more at night when all these huge curve balls are lit up. 

Are you having some "ooooh's" and "aaah's" moment right there? Well to those who've seen this for the first time like myself, I might add. lol! Scroll down for more of that!

What are your thoughts about it?

[H&M sweater/skirt/bag, SunniesStudios sunnies, Extreme Finds necklace, Aldo shoes]

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On most parts of world, it's back to cold breeze, dark gloomy skies and basically throw on your jacket or coat before getting out of the house kind of weather already. But let's face it, we still need to get up and do our responsibilities even how we'd still want to curl ourselves under our most comfy sheets more else, attend special occasions. Speaking of, fall and winter season also calls for celebrations like weddings and no, I'm not getting married. lol! I may be too young to get married at this age but sure attending and being able to witness it couple times since I was young sure made me knowledgeable enough about it and I'm sure you do too. I can't think of my dream wedding yet because I'm definitely not ready nor thinking about that right now but I do know someday I'll look forward to that and I'll get there. Have you ever thought of how you'd work on your own wedding, choose your dream wedding gown, how your wedding reception would look like, think about your bridesmaid's gowns and everything else you can think of planning your wedding? Well if you know someone who's on the process of planning his or her wedding and is having quite a hard time where to start then you're on the right page! 

Now I do know wedding planners are pretty much everywhere nowadays but I personally think especially on the part where you pick your wedding gown, it's best to be able to really wear something that's perfect for you; the fit, quality, design, you name it and not something that you just picked because you were asked to choose on what's available. Come on, it's one of the once in a lifetime moment of our lives! And isn't it tiring and too time consuming to look for designs and inspirations via web or hop on a couple of designer houses around your area? I know, I know. I could just imagine that. But did you know there's a website called Loverly where you can do all the planning (and I literally mean everything here!) and even get to pick your wedding gown whether you like it made and designed by a worldwide known designer or not? Yes you heard me right!! If I were able to get married, I'll surely give Loverly a try! That way I wouldn't stress over planning my own wedding!

Below are just some of my picks from some world renowned designers and a few that I personally think perfect for the occasion at a little less cost whether you're the bride, one of the bridesmaids, maid of honor or simply a guest.

Escape gown by Monique Lhuillier Retail

Long Soft Ruffle Tank Dress with Corset Detailing by Truly Zac Posen

Fremont Blue Enzoani by Enzoani Retailer

Poet gown by Monique Lhuillier Retailer

Here's a quick yet very inspirational story about how Lover.ly started if you want to know more about them or sign up here so that you can get started now.

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Going Gradient

One good thing about a rainy day in a tropical country is being able to pull out leather and wear them like you just don't care! lol. I can't put into the right words how I value blogging this much so let's just say it's like a blessing in disguise that I work so much and sometimes too much because I'm really that passionate about it. I don't often show or express it here (because again, I can't put it into words duhh!) but there are really times when I get upset or feel bad about not being able to blog something or not being able to blog for a long time for some very valid reason and at the same time think to myself I'm still not good enough for it. But I always tend to look back when I just started at some point and realize how far I've been and how much I survived the struggles and loved this passion. So I get back up my feet and do blogger work that some days I wake up very early and take outfit shots before attending classes! I definitely feel good after. And that's how I know I'm really into this. How about you dear readers, do you have something you're really passionate about that no matter how you get busy you still tend to make time for it?

Moving on to my look, this is actually a backlog. Sorry! Took these during those rainy weeks and yes one of the- "doing blogger work before attending classes" times. Remember my post on instagram that captioned before the very heavy rain poured which explains why I only have few photos to show you with this look. I actually thought at first that I wouldn't blog about this since we only got few shots but I was so lucky my favorite photographer in the world was with me during this moment and was the one who took these, Pearly- my best friend and savior! And few minutes after then I realized its better we were still able to take photos than none at all. I've kept these Forever 21 pleated leather skirt for a while and realized to my surprise that I've never wore it! Glad that the perfect time came so I paired it with this very versatile and chic gradient top from WAGW. It has the perfect collar and fit. Finished the look with a pop of bright color through my bag from Abby Jocson and some sparkle through my necklaces.

My reaction when the rain started to pour, caught and shot perfectly. I panicked! Yes, this is how I look like when I panic.

In a tropical country like ours, it's best to know how to balance fabrics. Even though leather can sometimes give us that heavy feel while wearing it, lightweight fabrics like this chiffon gradient top help balance the entire look inside and out! Lastly, I barely do giveaways and there's one going on now! Join here!!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top, Forever 21 skirt, Giftsahoy mandals, Abby Jocson bag, Wear Mauve embellished necklace (old), Pretty Little Blings long pointed spike necklace]

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