Miss Bella

If there's one other thing we girls mess-make aside from all the clothes' pile up just for our ootd's, its clearly make-up. Since we could never avoid creating a beautiful mess in order to have fun (you all agree applying make-up is fun, right?) while staying pretty, it's definitely important to keep organized. I've seen so many make-up organizers, containers and kits out there but I never had the urge to buy or try them out because they either lack compartments, don't have the right size or have a bad design. And doesn't that suck if you have your specifics and know what you really want but you don't see it around? Have you ever felt that way once in your life? Oh I truly got you there, dahlin'! lol. I'm so happy I found Miss Bella and finally had the time (and money) to haul their very chic and perfect make-up organizers! I'm certain some of you out there have already heard about them since their original designs have been featured so many times already but if you haven't yet, read on!

Don't you just love it when your favorite things have a better home? I've earned most of my beauty hauls and some are precious gifts and I just couldn't take the thought that I just place them in one space messily even if I don't have much like other beauty junkies out there.

Since my sunnies box got broken few months ago (because I got too many and the boxes got full 'til it gave up on me :( haha) I saw these make-up drawers and thought to utilize and use it as a new home to my trusty sunnies and specs that I got from various stores around the world. They're like my precious babies! 
I hauled so many of these chic Miss Bella acrylic organizers that has the perfect sizes and fit to all my make-up and accessories that they gave me a free highlighter and blush-on from their very own make-up line called Miss Bella cosmetics. Yay! I also got the other make-up organizer for my aunt who also loves make-up and yes, she's the one who introduced and influenced me to it. Blame her for that! Haha, kidding!

There are so many new designs and products available at Miss Bella right now that you can check out! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@missbellaph).



If there's one thing we never miss while looking at ourselves in the mirror, it's obviously our flaws. Let's admit, we often see it more than the unique beauty each of us have. Do our flaws really stand out than our beauty? Just like you, I sometimes think so but I also think that its only probably us being blinded by negativity that led us to not appreciate our flaws. Well its about time to wake up! Your picture and screen perfect idols are always covered up and got a lipo because they can't manage to embrace their flaws (duh!). I'm just saying, let's stop the insecurities after all our flaws are part of our unique beauty and nobody has the right to tell you you're ugly. Let's start appreciating the little things just like how I admired the uneven hems of the skirt that I'm wearing and the different patches of stripe prints that put together this chic set from Pinkaholic.

Wore this look on a casual day enjoying hot chocolate at its finest at The Chocolate Chamber while trying out the classic, must-have Happy Skin X StyLIZed lippie collection. I'm sure I've already made feedback on my instagram few months ago but I only tried the nude lippie (my favorite!) that time now that I've tried the three of them, I can finally say it should be in every girl's beauty loot whether you're a light make-up junkie like me or a heavy one. I believe every girl has that classy side!

Now I'm fully aware the full body shots are blurred, no its not your eyes dear. We were rush shooting at the peak heat of the day, everything looked perfectly well when we were at it but when I reviewed the photos again about sunset, real things showed up! No regrets though, hope you learn something from this as much as I did.

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic top and skirt set (old), GTW by SM jacket, Happy Skin X StyLIZed acrylic clutch, Extreme Finds accessories, Sunnies Studios eyewear]

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Fringe & Marble

As I was driving on the way to the airport last Friday, it was raining and until the day I arrived at my destination I heard about few more rains and a strong but short-felt earthquake was experienced back home. I guess the few rains were nature's sign of warning everyone to get ready for the coming intense heat, don't you think? 'Cause if I'm not mistaken, it's insanely hot in Cebu today total opposite to where I am right now. Hello from sunny fifty something freezy degrees America (again)! I'll be spending a few weeks here because of the break and I'll be showing you travel posts ahead after all these backlogs. Long have I waited for this day to finally come! March was such a hectic month for me- requirements, tons of study, shoot when I'd get to have a short break in between while I'd get the chance not to wear my uniform, final exams, and the packing rush and catching up on shoots after my final exams. Phew! That was quite a shortcut! Anyhoo, now that we're finally here let me share you the product of loving this hobby so much. Few weeks ago, my blogger friend Benj and I decided to do a collaboration. Though we're total opposites when it comes to style, the lines still intersect at some point; we both love art and are expressive of it in our own ways. She loves almost anything basic and artsy fartsy while I tend to be the "the world is my runway" type. Lol! And this is just the product of that combination. Hope you enjoy these photos! You can check out how she did hers too and see the difference yourself! Xo.

I'm definitely in love with these marble heeled mules that I stole from my aunt's shoe cabinet! Can't help but admire its elegance while playfully toning down the whole ensemble with this fringe top. I guess you could say this is how I'd work with basics.

What do you think about my look?

[Cotton On long cardigan, H&M jeans, Trendphile top (old), Charles & Keith mules, Romwe hat, Prada bag]

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