Zaira Chan thought of sharing her style to everyone. Before when she was still a kid, she doesn't have any sense of style on her outfits. She didn't care what she was wearing until somewhere in middle school, she started becoming conscious on what she is wearing. As she was growing, her love about clothes started to grow and soon found her "own style". She believes that everyone has their own but also believes that there are still very few people out there who haven't found theirs yet and are still confused on how they dress. So, she hopes she can be an inspiration to YOU and aims to have a lot of readers to inspire more on her personal style and little sprinkles of her lifestyle and travel journeys through this blog.

She still considers herself a newbie to both the blogosphere and fashion world so she hopes you can bear and grow with her. Zaira is currently a Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate and is out in the real world having a day job, surviving and living life just like almost everybody. She still believes that nothing is impossible as long as you live with faith, push harder to achieve your dreams and go beyond that! 
She hopes you enjoy reading her blog posts and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for dropping by!

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