Buy Me A Coffee?

Look who suddenly wrote something after all the years that went by since the last 'promising' post. If you've decided to give up on me for whatever reason, I totally understand and do still appreciate you for the support you've given me and this blog. But to everyone that's just been patiently waiting and hoping I'd come back, hey! Hi! I'm here and that's what matters. Now, just like before, I need you to be with me as I once again, FINALLY, come back to blogging. After all, I feel like it's one of the very few things I know I'll always love doing. This time though, will be very different from before and you will see and understand as we go along. For years I've always thought about the 'come back' post- what to say, and if I have to explain myself and update everyone about what has happened in my life. Well it always seemed like that's such a long way and I would rather not do that so, I've finally decided to just write something in a way how you see someone you haven't seen in so long. And this is it. The best way I know at least. Or if anything, buy me a coffee? And let's catch-up! This is a way for me to start building my website slowly, with your support, love, and patience. Buy me a coffee! Check the link below or click right on the yellow-colored button on the right side of my website. Thank you for being here, I appreciate you and I hope you'll keep hanging out here with me. Just like the old times. Don't forget your mask! 


  1. it’s always great to get back to the things we love! :)) just don’t blog at the podium lolol

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