Where I Left

I owe you one.


It's a roller coaster. Every year is! But what makes this year any different? Where was I and what happened? I left every reader hanging and got stuck with inconsistent social media posts. People asked me why I stopped posting and when is my next post, I gave them the lamest answer for the most part; "I had too many photos to edit and barely have time." Let me know if that sounds convincing enough or not, okay? But this post is no excuse for me because ever since I started, this blog is mostly for you guys and I wouldn't be here without all of you. As always, I'll be concise and clear. The early months of the year didn't turn out as good for me as well as few months by the end. 'Life happens' as they say it, really hit me hard and made me understood what that really meant. It was like an indirect face slap! 
But as you can see, I'm still here. Yay! I believe I'm the best version of myself now despite all that had happened and I'm here to let you guys know that I will never be MIA and leave you hanging for a very long time again. This is my longest backlog and I could hardly believe it myself! Let's reunite and catch up because we've been through ups and downs together 😉

So, shall we?

I've got a lot of things to tell you and let me start by telling directly that I've gained weight this year. People who've seen me know it and they tell it straight to my face. It's quite a big ish for me since I never gained this much until this year. Quite an experience I have to say but to give you guys proof, I thought about starting where I left off. I still have backlogs and travel posts from last year and I'm definitely gonna start from there until we get to this year's post (see? I never forgot you guys! Im not that much of a bad blogger). Attending events, joined my first ever bazaar (just last month!), and exploring other make-up brands (like having my 2nd box of Kylie Cosmetics this year) are just some of the great things I've achieved this year. It isn't so bad after all!

P.S. This is NOT my year-end post. Lol.

So Much Love,

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