Layering Made With Love

Has it been a loooooooong while since I last blogged?! Don't get too rough on me yet because the feeling is mutual, but I will definitely give you an explanation post. I'm not sure if some bloggers have already done something like that but I will make one (hopefully the next post after this), so hold your horses for now and let me proceed with the let's-get-rid-of-my-outfit-posts post today! I want to deny saying this but this is only the truth; few weeks ago, I did a little jewelry shopping and looked for minimal necklaces in particular. I've noticed how huge the layering trend is and it was just the perfect time for me to blend in and give it a try. I waited 'til all my orders arrive in order for me to make this post and it's finally here!! You may wonder why I'm doing this, it's both sharing and a warning because I will be over using these pieces on my future posts. lol. If you're as excited as I am, read on and check out my picks!

One thing you may not know, I picked a sapphire gem for this particular necklace because I'm a Virgo! Wonder which zodiac sign do you belong??

First off are these personalized, handmade (proudly in the Philippines), and made with love necklaces from Istorya. I'm sure we all know that there are already a lot of shops that makes personalized jewelries and all sorts nowadays and believe me when I say I do tons of quick research that may take days before I pick a store to shop but what makes Istorya different? It caught my attention when I read the quote on their instagram bio that said "Tell a story with your jewelry", it quickly made me realize that they do not only make personalized things for money or more like an ordinary transaction, but they make the whole thing worthy by adding sentimentality. Something that you cannot find on other stores. I actually felt that when I was communicating to them via email yet I felt so much worth when I got my orders! Just look at those boxes with blue ribbons and a charm that says "made with love". Aaaaah! They followed exactly and everything that I instructed them to do but they did a little mistake on my website (look closely on the necklace with a round pendant), but they gave me a surprise (the 'z' necklace) so that's okay. lol! Nevertheless, I do recommend them if you want to give or have personalized things with sentimentality. Check out their instagram (@istorya) for more designs and details.

Now let's talk about statements! I only know one jewelry shop that never runs out of one- Extreme Finds!!! Haha! Every year or every month, they always have very unique designs with great quality and that's simply why I love this brand. Can you sense so much elegance on these accessories? I can already imagine when I layer them which you will see soon! Heard that they have a new collection out now so check out their instagram also (@extremefinds_accessories)!

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