People easily get affected even with the littlest changes nowadays and I'm not sure exactly why and how this started but I'd like to say stress is definitely one of its causes. Much to most teenagers and going young adults, a quick change of weather from sunny to dark clouds would grab our lazy ass easily and make us want to lay in bed all day. I won't deny, I'd feel the same too but I seriously think that we should improve this bad habit. Have you ever thought that this is one major cause why we miss or cause delay to the most important things needed to be done perhaps for school or work? And let's not forget the times when we plan on doing something for the day but when that time comes, because of laziness, we choose to do it the next day. Typical Filipino habit as what they say (sadly), and I think its about time to slowly change that. There's no other person who could help you improve that but your own. Not saying it will happen immediately, but I'd suggest you to take your time until you've done more work, less wasted time and not stress yourself cramming! Just a thought.

Today's post is about dressing down and more motivation all inspired by the rainy season we've been experiencing lately. P.S. This is the effect of working out that I've been telling you! lol.

Now let's get back to business and talk about my outfit! Haha! Knowing it was all gloomy, I got inspired to dress like the clouds- all gray and black. A few blogger work, personal errands and hangouts this ensemble took me. It was so humid that I decided to pick this loose v-neck top with a unique back cutout from Pinkaholic and took my latest Abby Jocson "Elle" bag for a spin. The first time I saw it, I liked it a lot so when I first used it, I tried to see if my camera (the Fujifilm X-M1) would fit in despite its clutch bag size and to my surprise, it did! Now I'm so in love with this bag! You can use and style it in different ways (more details about it on her link below). Notice the only loom band bracelet I'm wearing, believe it or not, it's made by my 9y/o cousin! It's a great mixture of brown, gold, white and bronze loombands, so awesome (and the colors are so me) I couldn't help but get proud.

The last thing I thought of doing to end my day was to buy a great book and get cozy at Starbucks! I'd like to suggest you pick something hilarious, that way you wouldn't get sleepy especially when the rain comes and the breeze gets a little cold. Take or drink something that will boost up your energy too, a cup of coffee or your favorite dessert perhaps. Do something that makes you enjoy and active and let the rain do its job as well, take it as a challenge and not a temptation.

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic top, H&M high-waist jeans, Sneakers (similar here and here), Abby Jocson bag, Pretty Little Blings necklace and rings, Icing glasses, WAGW belt]

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  1. So perfect for the weather! :) Love the minimalist necklace :)