Here's an early post to brighten ahead your first weekend as a student! Well to most of you, I might add. If you're wondering how my first week went, I think it doesn't differ much from yours. You know it, by the first meeting teachers won't show up excluding major subjects plus the unannounced public vehicle strike yesterday that suspended a lot of classes and lastly, the moody weather due to typhoons at some areas within the country. Now isn't that one crazy first week??? So I think it's really time to unwind a bit and slowly adjust with the different weekend now since we'll be doing a lot of homework, research, thesis and tons of school work that is! Good luck to everyone who's starting something new this month!

Sad to say, I think this is my last summer outfit because really, it feels a little awkward to be dressed up summery yet the gloomy skies and dark clouds just isn't on the same page. Though I'd like to catch up with the sun as much as possible to have a summery post. I guess I'm still having summer jetlag, don't you think? lol!

I'm so happy that my eyes hid itself! Haha! But oh my, look who went bare? Yes, just exposing my stomach makes me feel bare! Actually, ab lines are forming slightly on me but I just ate before we shot this and I look a little bit fat on photos than in reality according to my favorite photographer in the world so maybe that's why on some photos, my stomach looks so bulgy. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite looks!! It's like a different side of the usual normcore because I played with dark monotoned hues here which I absolutely love. I've had this necklace for about two years or so now and I'm never going to throw it away because it's one for the books especially when the event calls for it (or the outfit calls for it!). At first, I actually thought only dainty could pull off this heart quilted bag designed by Abby Jocson, remember when I wore it here? Never did I realize it could work for something retro-vintage until I came up with this look too! And who would've thought loose bottoms would get back on trend? Time to bring out the slacks! I've also had this one for quite some time although the fit isn't really good on me especially now that I've lost weight and it's getting loose but I love it somehow still worked.

What do you think about my look?

[Forever 21 crop top/slacks (worn as trousers, old, similar here), WAGW necklace (old)/belt, Sunnies by Charlie sunnies, Zara sandals, Abby Jocson bag]

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