Café de Geneve

When you haven't done something you love for a week or two, it feels deadly inside and makes you crave so much wanting to do it. Now that I've finally found time for my favorite job, there's so many things to talk about! Telling you ahead that this post is lengthy but I swear it's worth reading 'cause I'll be sharing about my new favorite little place later. First off, I missed blogger work for the past few days because I did my very first garage sale. If you didn't know, I started my own online shop three years ago when I was still in high school and did another one when I reached college as well. I haven't really tried garage sales or anything that involves walk-in buyers since I don't have time for that. This year, unexpectedly was a great time and I prefer it than online. Maybe someday, I'll build my own boutique. Which reminds me dear readers, it's never bad to dream big! 

Today, I'm ultimately feeling all dainty and girly not to mention how my golden heart bag from Abby Jocson and the golden glow of the sunlight almost setting looked so good together! I wore this ensemble when I had a meeting with my not so newly met friend April at Café de Geneve. Since I met my friend April through email (which tells you that she's not from Cebu), it was a surprise how much we've instantly built trust and a kind friendship even if we didn't know each other personally. Luckily, she spent her vacation weeks ago in Cebu and we thought it was the best time to finally meet. I found this very private coffee place around Mabolo and it was just the best choice I made, even April liked it!

I'm sure you've seen my Instagram post with April and noticed that my hair was still long that time. Thought I'd do it again especially for this come back post (plus my new hair) even if I still miss my long hair! Let me know what you think!

Nicoise Salad

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Zurich Chicken w/ Roesti - a must try!

We were served complementary cake pops for free! Awesome-sauce!

Spinach Millicrepe - a must try also!

Overall feedback; even if the food is quite pricey, it's still worth it because they use ingredients that are mostly not found in our country and they're also an international coffee place which makes it a plus! Glad that the Swiss taste has finally reached Cebu! I'm definitely coming back when I have time.

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Can you tell April and I had a great time? If only we had more time. Was super happy that my look complemented the place as well. I got this super unique and inspiring bag from Abby Jocson months ago from their valentine's collection. I was still at the US that time but the distance didn't hinder me from buying it. Catch more of this bag on my future posts!

What do you think?

[Urban Dressing top (part of a set), Burgundy skirt (similar here), Forever 21 heels/necklace/earrings, Abby Jocson bag, WAGW belt (old), Goody ouchless elastics in leopard print]

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