Let's Play

It was just last weekend when my little brother, uncle and I had a movie date and both of them updated me with the new stores at the mall and then my busy daily weekday routine came back after. Few days ago, I got home a little bit early and was chillin' with the whole family (well actually not whole since most were outside Cebu doing a living lol) in one room, I checked my emails and was surprised to receive a proposal that I never expected. And just like that, it made my night! Right the next day, I saw myself getting ready for that blogger work and I didn't even know what to wear since it's a first for me. But I thought between the brand and my style which was not too difficult to pair up so I ended up with this playful look! Yes, this was my get up when I visited Cebu's first Aéropostale. And no, I wasn't really playing that time, I was working! lol! Being chosen was already a blessing for me (thanks to Him) and approving the proposal wasn't a hard decision. Who doesn't love Aéropostale anyway? So if you're wondering how I felt after I did my task, I could safely say that it was a great start. We all know that firsts don't always work perfectly but if you love what you do, you'll always put your best to it. Because of that experience, I realized and learned a lot that my creative mind worked its wonders again and immediately thought of a lot of improvisations for the next more to come, hopefully.

This look would've been perfect at the playground but since I couldn't be there anymore, please bear with my playful pose above! It's part of being playful you know! Harhar! Getting away with being silly, this Aéropostale top has been overused a lot ever since I got it last March, I think. It's so versatile that I could wear it from playful even to casual!

What do you think about my look?

[Aéropostale top, Pinkaholic shorts, WAGW cap, Thrifted sneakers (similar here), H&M bag, 1Facewatch watch, Coach iPhone5 case]

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  1. What a playful look! You look lovely!