Second Chances

Leather short shorts, lace top and a long vest was my anti-summer get up yesterday. This is how I give everyone hints of hues for the coming rainy season and I'm doing this in advance under the scorching noon time heat for everyone. #Dedicated Let's just say my job isn't mostly for me, it's actually more for my readers. *wink! Other than that, I was thinking of the perfect look to make my new trendy iPhone case' color pop and what's more edgy chic than black and neon pink? And for my forever monochromatic love, everything was put together that I didn't even felt the heat while I was walking around all day yesterday. Oh the things we do for the things we love!

I'm so addicted to my Pretty Little Blings accessories! Loving the less is more trend lately especially the slim-everything on accessories which tells us that small things may be unnoticed, but when piled properly, they create a statement. This not only applies when dressing up, it also applies to our daily lives too! Hope that we don't only focus on big things, we should also understand small things because that's where big things start, right? My lace top was inspired from my iPhone case which reminds me, Second Chances Shop (the store where I got my case) is having a sale on iPhone cases today! You can grab this same case or anything fancy you like at a lower price! Follow them on Instagram (@secondchances_shop). I don't know how or what I did with my liner in this look but I totally nailed it! I'm also currently addicted to less make up, bright lippie + bold winged liner look because again, less is more! lol!

One more thing, if you don't want to look too out of place, change one apparel or accessory. In this case, I did it with my wedges. I was planning on wearing a pointy white wedge but it looked way too much for the place where I was scheduled to go so I opted for these less formal (but still chic, so many ladies loved it! lol) one from Tonic instead.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top and vest, Forever 21 shorts/earrings, Pretty Little Blings necklace/rings, Second Chances iPhone5 case, Tonic wedges, Goody ouchless elastics in leopard]

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  1. Zai! I nominated you for a liebster award. Check out my blog for the infos :)