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Have you noticed summer has been slowly bidding us goodbye? I don't know if it's just me, but doesn't time fly so fast no matter how I (or we) try to wake up early consecutively? Sigh. There really are things and situations we cannot control in this world, perhaps the weather and natural phenomenas like the earthquake earlier this morning!! Happenings like these are lessons and reminders at the same time, that we have to adapt to changes. Even we ourselves change. It just takes time and patience to understand things. Before I get to sound like a life adviser (which is almost happening lol), rainy season here in our country is way opposite in foreign countries. Yes, it may get a little bit cold sometimes but heat still conquers! We really belong in the tropics! Today's post is all about tips to survive the bipolar weather. I love sharing tips and learning other's ways because it helps us know more about ourselves. After you've finished reading this post, I hope you'd let me know your opinions by posting a comment below! (Or send me an email if you're too shy!)

For college students like me or working girls, there are a lot of no no's when it comes to dresscodes inside facilities. Because of that, I wouldn't really recommend crop tops like what I have on but if you're lucky enough that it's approved, please do! I swear it helps a lot with the heat! lol. You can also opt for sheer or chiffon tops and tops with cutouts but make sure to have something to cover them up while inside your school or office! Never forget to look appropriate because really, we wouldn't want to have bad feedback just because we didn't follow simple rules, right? Also, even if the less is more trend disappears one day, always apply it to facilities like these when dressing up. Don't worry, when you'll get a day break or after office/school hours the rest of the time is yours! You can always change!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW crop top/cardigan, H&M high waist jeans/bag, Fashioncookie Shoeavenue wedges (old, similar here), Pretty Little Blings wishbone necklace/rings, Forever 21 gold bear ring, Hublot watch (similar here)]

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