Time Chasing

Before calling it a day, checking next day's weather is an additional to my evening routine. It's something I've started pacticing last week and when this week came, it's officially part of it! I've been out almost everyday lately because there's so many things to be done and the weather abnormally acting up just ruins my ootd's. #Bloggerproblems, I guess? Although sometimes, I don't really care especially if I really want to wear a certain outfit for the day. lol! In relation to being out almost every single day and being a time chaser most of the time (not to the point of being tardy though!) just like when I wore this outfit, it's hard to achieve all errands needed to be done for the day especially when, first of all, traffic plus the super humid heat (nevertheless it be gloomy or not) and other unexpected events, right? I remember years ago when I never do any kind of exercise daily nor weekly, I only achieve very few errands needed to be done for the day. When I started doing yoga last year and pilates, the past few months and a balance of both recently, never did I expect in my life that the opposite would happen! What a huge surprise and change at the same time, right? And it has been affecting me and my body in a very good way. I know I haven't reached a year of working out yet but witnessing all the better changes it gave me makes me want to encourage you guys especially college students like me to give it a try! And I'm not only talking about yoga and pilates here by the way, I meant any kind of exercise at least 20-45mins a day (who doesn't have that, right?) would be a great start. Firsts are always hard and tough and believe me when I say I've been there but wait 'til you see the better change in you and even how you interact with others! Send me a lovely virtual note about your thoughts!

Now on to my outfit, these Mango boyfriend shorts are currently my thing. I let them hang normally like that yet keeping the on-the-go chic vibe through my tank top + blazer combo! When movie night came, I changed my chic blazer to a cozy knit over sized sweater and gave the boyfriend shorts a fold to balance everything. Isn't that so versatile? My new sunnies from Niftypick absolutely matched the contrast from the print of my blazer and what I love most in this pair is the uniqueness of its frame. Have you noticed my full colored nails and toenails? (unusual right) What can you say?

What do you think about my look?

[Mango shorts, Zoo blazer, WAGW belt, H&M bag, Tonic wedges, Niftypick sunnies, Pretty Little Blings necklace]

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  1. Love this,cute sports coat : )
    You look lovely carina!

    1. I'm not sure if you've placed this comment at the right blog dear but thanks for dropping by! :-)

  2. I keep coming back to this. it looks very fresh