Pops Day

Two Sundays back was the the day we remember the man who taught us girls how to behave appropriately with other men. lol! He's always been my companion when it comes to ideas and my curious questions about business or if I receive proposals for sponsors, I usually seek for his advice. But on normal days, he's the most accessible person I could call whenever I need a ride going somewhere or simply eat lunch at the most random places he only knows because he has great taste when it comes to food and he's a good cook too! Honestly, I'm realizing so many things about my dad while writing this one. He is truly an imperfect great man and you can never tell unless you'd really get to know him. Every father/dad in this world is a gift and part of it is having their different kind of love from mothers'. If you're one of the few people who, up to this moment still have your mom and dad, consider yourself lucky and blessed.

Despite being Chinese and being so used to chinese food, my dad likes Japanese food too and that's why as much as possible, we pick Japanese every Father's day and this time, we tried Izakaya Goku. Hope you had a great family time two Sundays ago too! Have a great rainy Sunday!

And that's me trying to practice the "walk shot". Haha!

What do you think?

[WAGW top, Urban Dressing skirt (part of a set), Abby Jocson bag, Payless heels (old)]

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