This Is Not A Watch

Being a blogger isn't all about "me-me-ME". #SorryNotSorry, I've actually found that quoted line from a local fashion mag few months ago. It was about a feature on an up coming designer. He was asked why he didn't decide to be a blogger and his answer was "I don't want to post something that's all about me me me", not sure if those were the exact words but the thought is similar. I totally disagree. If you guys see bloggers that way particularly fashion bloggers, I would say that maybe some but majority are NOT. There are actually a lot of fashion bloggers who've helped charities, bought clothes, accessories, shoes in exchange of helping others (and I'm about to prove that later), host giveaways (which I'm sure is very common), style contests, and so much more. Entering the blogosphere isn't even an easy decision to make, honestly. Read my 'About' page to find out. I am deeply hoping that, this issue will be cleared out through this post.

I'm sure this watch isn't new to some already especially when I posted it here few weeks ago and was featured a lot of times worldwide. I was reading through some interesting articles around the web (you know me, I read a lot) and found out about this #1FaceWatch that could change lives. Isn't that amazing? I unhesitantly visited www.1facewatch.com to find out more and realized that $40 for me is usually a pair of heels, a top, a bottom and it sometimes gets beyond $40! I'm a total sucker of watches and my watches mostly cost more than $40 and here's one watch that's more than what I have. It's the special one among them, it's the one that stands out because seeing it reminds me that I made a difference, a change. There are a lot of colors with their particular cause and I personally picked red not because it's my favorite color but because it gives aids treatment to eight children in Africa. And as a Medical Technology (aka Medical Laboratory Science) student, I study everything about aids. Knowing that makes eveything just perfect. See? I told you med and fashion can be friends! lol!


[BDG (c/o Urban Outfitters) jeans, Forever 21 sweater/earrings/thunder necklace/rings, Sugarfree oxfords, Limecrime Velvetine lippie, Urban Outfitters interlocked necklace, 1FaceWatch watch]

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