Mini Metallic

Here's a better post to cover the previous one. Haha! If you haven't heard, I've got a ton of comments from my family, relatives, friends and to some readers that I look fat and looked like I gained weight on my previous post, which I don't have to link within here and argue with. lol! So I guess I have to just state my response here, a very bad revelation, I might add. Roll the drums!!! Remember when I posted healthy living photos and videos on Instagram with the hashtag #tgwtsfits? I actually stopped doing those for weeks now. I'm such a bad blogger!! I can't find the exact reasons but maybe part of it was during the time when there's too many sad things for me to handle, face and fight. If you're a regular reader of my blog, I'm sure you've read that post. But anyway, because of the what I call "fat feedbacks" from my previous post, I got motivated again and I'm really thankful to everyone who have been honest enough to tell me the truth. I love all of you!

Moving on today's post, I wore this outfit when I was asked to be the photographer on the wedding of my friend's brother. I totally had a wardrobe situation the night before when I was making up my mind on what to wear. I'm sure you've noticed me tweet that. On themed occasions and events, I'm really the kind of person who follows it but the difference is that, I always make it a point to put my own style and creativeness to it. And that is one safest thing you can do to avoid having the same situation at one of the girls at the party. Who would want that to happen anyway, right? Because I only had limited clothes with me, I hoarded my mom's closet! A girl has to do what she's got to do ika-nga! lol! Luckily, I found mom's metallic + cotton sweater and borrowed her blazer (that she never used) again. Thank God I was a photographer that day, the casuals saved me! lol!

If you're a photographer who usually works on occasions like weddings and similar sorts, try a unique casual twist by replacing your usual black pants or slacks with a leather one! I'm sure it'll make you feel comfier and keep you blending in with the guests in their formal attires. You can also opt for light make-up to keep the lightweight feeling going on 'cause I totally understand now that it's not an easy task! Haha! If you're not used to wearing heels like me, then please don't before everything will be at chaos and you can't get the shots that you want. Teehee!

What do you think about my look?

[Mossimo sweater, H&M leather pants, Call It Spring heels, Forever 21 earrings, Hublot watch, Mom's blazer (similar here), Goody ouchless elastics]

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