Tying the Knot

Few weeks ago, I was invited to a courthouse wedding and was asked to be one of the photographers by a very very close friend that I just met here last year. Although I had no idea how I got so close with this person (lol!) and how much I find their family very warm and nice, I just couldn't say no. Have you ever met someone and felt like there's just something good in them and because of that you'd get to be so comfortable and make a good friendship with them in a snap of time? That's how I felt when I met my hang-out buddy Pola, I'm sure you've seen her with me a lot of times on Facebook and Instagram. But it wasn't her wedding though, it was her brother's, which isn't a problem either. Other than the overwhelming side, I find it a good opportunity as well. 

Today's post are my favorite snaps during the entire ceremony. I have no idea if I have that "photographer" gift but being a total instagrammer and blogger was very helpful! lol! These photos were not edited, just resized so basically, you'll get to witness again how awesome-sauce my Fujifilm X-M1 cam is! Even the student photographer I met during the event admired my Fuji. Enjoy!

Congratulations again, Mr.&Mrs. Flores!

What I wore during the event will be on a separate post.

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