All wrapped up under the strong heat? Don't be fooled, my cashmere cardigan helped filter the cold air before it gets to my skin. Any over sized top paired with a slim fit bottom plus scarf, boots, sunnies and a sling bag is the usual go-to outfit of most American girls, I noticed. A time came I wondered why but I'd like to think it's an easy throw especially when it comes to black leggings. They use it a lot and it's like every store has it! Does noticing all of these make me have a keen eye for fashion? lol!

So the curious kid in me made me want to try but owning it in a way. Did I own it? Extraordinary- here means making it my own that, instead of the usual black leggings, I went for leather pants, changed the usual boots to a pair of acrylic heeled pumps and a low pony 'do which, I heard is a hit this season. I felt cozy but classy at the same time, and that's a great mix of feels! Now my wonders were answered. lol! Have you tried doing something like this? 'Cause I don't think its bad at all. In the middle of the day, it got colder so I untied my pony and let the scarf flow down my body (since this scarf is so long!) and an instant classy chic replaced the previous ensemble!

What do you think about my look?

[H&M cashmere cardigan/leather pants/scarf/bag, ZeroUV sunnies, Call It Spring heels, American Eagle watch]

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