I've been planning a new post supposedly today for my readers but unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. You got it right, a few showers came over. I'm so sure Washington state is known for having a lot of rains and I just read yesterday that most of these rains (and storms) come from Alaska. I even heard a person say there's no spring season here. I refuse to believe him. That would be the death of me, lol! Even if I can't survive too much heat, I'd still prefer sunlight over dark sad clouds. 

Missing the sun, I found these photos I took weeks ago and thought to just share this post for you guys today. Obviously, it's a sunny day and I think I didn't do much that day so I decided to study and learn the hidden wonders of my Fuji X-M1 again. I've read some articles, reviews and watched videos about this particular camera and now I feel more lucky having it! Please don't over think that I might change my sartorial self to a photographer! Haha! Just like beauty, I think photography also gives a big influence to fashion. Can you just imagine bad shots of your favorite designer's creations and other similar sorts? Worst case scenario, bad money shot. lol! Hope you enjoy these unedited photos and read on below for updates.

Aren't they aaaahh-mazing?? They look so beautiful that I couldn't even dare to do a single edit, it made me feel like a pro. Haha! Notice the new photo logos? I discovered that they look so much better than the heart one that it made me think it's probably why most bloggers do round ones 'cause other shapes are quite showing some edges like the heart ones I used from my previous posts and they sometimes look bad when I already publish my post. If you could help me with this problem, please email me. I'll stick to these round ones for now, finally! Unless I'd figure other things out, I'll just make other colors with it for the mean time. 

So anyway if you've noticed me tweet about a certain interview, I guess it will be out anytime soon and within the week, my mom and I will be traveling to another city to attend a special occasion so I might miss a few days of posts but don't worry, my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will keep you posted and will try my best to give you a lot of looks after!

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