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One of the things I learned to appreciate while recovering my extended stay panic outside the country (Philippines) was learning more about layering. I normally would layer the usual tank top and a long sleeved cardi, a sleeveless dress and a blazer or anything similar but obviously, doing the usual's in a cold country isn't enough to survive the cold temperature especially now that it's in the winter season! Lucky me, my skin could still stand little layers or a single layer within 40-60 degrees but below 40, there's just no way! I tend to itch everywhere, the same effect I get if my skin is exposed in too much heat. So basically, my skin could bear a few temperature range, not too much heat or cold. If you're in the same sensitive skin situation as I do, this might help you too. 

Layering can be done in two ways. One is to show only a few of the tops or outerwear you layered and another is by showing everything you layered whether it be all the details or just some. In this look, I followed layering one. Under my over used slash favorite leather jacket (lol), is a sweater and the collared coral top is actually the vest that I wore here. This is one way to prevent that sensitive skin problem. Just make sure the fabric of your sweater is enough to warm you 'cause you can't always rely on outerwear. Isn't it great? I didn't just learn more about layering, I learned how to repeat my clothes too without it looking very obvious! Voila! Another key for travel wear and packing light! For some honest reason, since I didn't really knew from the very start that I'll be extending my stay here, I seriously short on clothes and I don't want to buy a lot new ones since I have a lot of clothes inside mail packages waiting for me back home! I just bought a few new ones here just to alternate, layer and swap. If you're in the same situation again, I'd suggest you do the same. Make your wallet happy rin pag may time! lol!

What do you think?
Wore this look on my long city walks here.

[Promod leather jacket, Papaya Clothing vest (worn as top), Forever 21 necklace, H&M bag, Sugarfree loafers, From LA socks]

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  1. you look healthier Zai! :) It suits you :)

    1. Thanks Benj! I hope you don't mean by me getting fat though! Haha!