Christmas Cheers!

Hellooooo and Merry merry Christmas all the way from USA!!! Isn't it great that before another year ends, that great awesome Guy up there reminds us about his existence billion years ago and He also reminds us that there's just so much to be thankful in life! Aaaaah! I feel so overwhelmed, thankful and lucky with everything I have and had, don't you too? Today's post is a full pass on the talents he gave me on fashion, style and other related stuff. I'd like to wholeheartedly dedicate this post to Him, on His special day and to my beautiful readers as well that we may all remember Him and everything He did for us. Let us continue giving more and receiving less not just this Christmas season but also in our everyday lives. I hope you guys enjoyed giving love and keep giving love with your families and loved ones! Merry Christmas again! Virtual hugs from Zaira! (yes, I said that and that's the first and the last time I'll say it lol!)


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