Port Townsend

Times in life happen when you just caught yourself in need of a place no matter how old or new to get lost and just spend a day admiring it, forget your current problems and just be thankful for what you have and had. That's exactly how I felt when I was in Port Townsend. As promised, my travel posts will be as informative as it could and this post are just one of those. Pass muna sa usual outfit shots! lol! Warning: This post is lengthy so might as well make sure you're not in a rush since you've already started reading. Hope you guys will learn something today and enjoy as much as I did!

Port Townsend is a city in Jefferson County, Washington State, US. It was founded in 1851 and was known for its Victorian buildings remaining from its 19th century heyday, numerous annual cultural events, and as a maritime center for independent boat-builders, related industries and crafts. It is a US National Historic Landmark District. Basically, this place is just a small one and has a small population compared to other cities in Washington State but hence that, what makes people come back here are its Victorian buildings that are still present up to now and its festivals! When I saw its establishments, I really felt like I was drawn back to the olden times when people are dressed in their vintage casual attires, simply enjoying coffee or tea perhaps. And on the other hand, I also felt a little bit of being in Paris. It was such a wonderful place despite of it being old. It's sure hard to find places like this nowadays!

Probably the oldest existing waiting shed in the US! lol!

One of the many trade marks on how old this place is.

This Spices and Teas store kinda reminded me of Sabrina's witch aunt's witch store from every Archie comics issue I had! The old effect of this place brings me back to my childhood too! Haha! 

Most stores here also sells unique stuff and they are very organized. There are yarn shops (that we couldn't pretty much find anywhere nowadays), gift shops, and a lot more!

Whenever traveling, I always look forward to try the best restaurants, coffee shops or any kind of food place on the particular place I traveled. We tried this small coffee place named Better Living Through Coffee, you can't really notice this place while looking around or driving but you'll just notice it because there are a lot of people going in and out. When I was there I, of course, tried there organic coffee and paired it with Spinach Quiche ($6.00 made up of organic spinach and onions, organic raw cheddar) It was absolutely good and healthy too! Everything on their menu is organic and I admit it's hard to find food stores like that nowadays as well! Healthy and tasty food, great coffee and everything are affordable, now that's really worth the two hours travel!

Better Living Through Coffee:
Visit their website.
Check out their coffee menu and food menu.
Address: 100 Tyler St, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Contact No.: (360) 385-3388 
Hours: Tuesday-CLOSED, Monday-Sunday- 7:00am-6:00pm

These photos above totally reminded me of the old movies. Sadly, most flower plants died due to the fall season, I wonder how this looked like if it was summer, it would've looked more beautiful.

Now where else in the world could you find doll stores that looks like that? On the other note, it reminded me of Anabelle from the movie The Conjuring though. lol! #SorryNotSorry!

Seriously? Who wears boots, pants, and sweater with a vest at the beach? Haha! Well for all you know, the photos may look like its scorching hot yes, the sun was up but it was approximately thirty-eight degrees when we were there so the breeze was still very cold!

One of the old churches in Port Townsend. 

Another trade mark of how old this place is, according to the man we met here, this is the only bell tower left standing until now in the United States. Pretty much overwhelmed I got to see it for real!

Too bad I wasn't able to capture the very beautiful Victorian houses there, they actually looked like those play houses I used to play when I was a kid. They were so pretty I couldn't believe such houses exist before until today!

So after we went back to the hotel where we stayed since it was getting dark and cold already, we stopped by this awesome vintage and antique shop. Half of the items here are new and those paintings sure look good! Though I ended up having a necklace and earrings set. It was so pretty and affordable that I couldn't leave 'til I have it. lol. Will show it to you guys soon!

On my outfit:
[Forever 21 sweater (old), Papaya Clothing vest (old), Zara pants, Hublot watch, So Fab boots (old)]

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All photos were taken by my Fujifilm X-M1 camera and some from iPhone5.

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