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Part of traveling is choosing the right clothes to pack and at the same time avoiding to pack almost everything that you want to wear. This is where the challenge of dressing up comes out. Some apparels aren't appropriate for traveling and you'd have to consider a lot of situations too while packing like the weather perhaps or the season. And of course, the kind of place where you're heading too as well. So basically, the pieces that could save you to pack light are the versatile ones! But working on a statement piece isn't bad after all. Just work with your creativity and style, and I'm pretty sure you're good to go!

Take cue on what I have here for instance. Obviously, I'm in a cold country, it's fall season and I'm not really in a big city. Whenever my Mom would tell me that we're going out, there are times like she haven't figured out where we're really going so I end up wearing pieces that could take me anywhere. Black and white are pretty much versatile already though sometimes, you'd have to consider prints too. But I don't want to confuse everyone so for now, let's just stick on the easy part. I wanted to style this mustache sweater many times so I didn't wore it as a top alone but I managed to pair it with a versatile piece, a simple basic sleeveless top. This is actually one way to give the usual print+plain a twist!

What do you think about my look?

[F21 sweater (old), WAGW S/L top, Mango jeans, So Fab boots (old), Marni bag, Spalding watch]

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