What's Not To Love

Okay so what is wrong in this picture? Or should it be what's this nineteen year old girl doing on a kids' playground? lol! #SorryNotSorry #JudgeDontJudge But, I just thought that this photo would be a good introduction to this post. It's sunny and bright, lovely colors that give an instant calmness and lastly, a happy gesture that I did there. Today's post is very different from the others because for one, I'm dressed up very ordinarily, two, this post isn't really about fashion and before you click that close button let me hit three, this is my blog and this is my other love besides fashion: traveling, taking photos, making memories. I want to share to everyone the beauty of Washington State and at the same time, Fujifilm X-M1. Sorry, I just can't get over how I'm discovering more of its awesomeness myself and this isn't even a sponsored post! Haha!

One of the things I love the most here is that, whatever you wear, people don't really care! (wow that rhymes!) It simply means that if you wear something fashion related, people will either tell you that you look good or not, and otherwise, if you wear something that people doesn't see as "normal" as it could, they'll probably just give you a look and that's it! No big deal! And that what you call respect for others rather than talk or laugh behind their back. The photos above were taken during my first day since I arrived night time the day before. I felt so blessed that Mr. Sun was there on my first morning! #ThankGodForTheBlessings So I went out of the house without changing anything (I meant my clothes, okay?) and I've never felt so different in a good way! I actually kinda liked it, never done something like that since the first time I arrived in the US. Haha! Anyway so my moma and I walked down the road enjoying the sun while it's still there and tried to go to this golf course and club house named McCormick Woods. The place was great and the food too! We had their One Dozen Buffalo Chicken Wings ($8.99, showed on the photo above) and Mashed Potato which wasn't on their menu but you could order it if you want. The mashed potatoes were so good that remembering it makes my belly make a sound! lol! All in all, food was very affordable and very good too!

For more about the Clubhouse and holding of events (yes, they do that too!),
For the food menu, HERE.
For the Golf Course Membership and others, HERE.
Address: 5155 McCormick Woods Dr SW, Port Orchard, WA 98367
Contact: (360) 895-0142 

This event was obviously a shopping day! One reason why these shots were uneven. lol! This is the popular Centralia Factory Outlets so basically, it's a shopping place where you can find brands like Coach, Gap, Nike, Aeropostale, Bath & Body Works and more are found! Visit their website here

And of course, who doesn't know about Seafood City? Our very own fast food chains and restaurants are here! They also have their grocery where you can find products and ingredients all the way from the Philippines! Check out their website here and here.

Here are some of my Fujifilm X-M1's random shots around the state of Washington:

This huge pumpkin for Halloween was carved by Russ Leno, a famous man known for being a master pumpkin sculptor! Definitely a great artist! Check out more of his amazing works here. On the other side of a related note, I first tried carving pumpkins last Halloween and the heck its not easy even if I only picked an easy design and I only used the small pumpkin (the one that's usually around grocery stores), my arms felt like it was being punched a lot of times the day after I carved. lol! I salute to this Russ Leno artist!

Didn't you guys know that I'm a dog lover too? Size doesn't matter to me as long as it doesn't bite! Haha! Meet Amigo, my aunt's dog. He's so big that he owns almost the whole garage but very warm and friendly!

Aaaaand the kid at heart is back again! lol! My mom actually took these photos of me, I'm trying to teach her how to take good shots (hashtag feeling pro haha) but can you see improvement? I definitely do! And not to mention my iPhone5's a great model too! 

So what's not to love about this wonderful state? 


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