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Few weeks ago, well fine, fine, a month ago, I flew to the United States and spent the rest of my semestral break there. Apologies, I just can't accept the fact that I've been away for a month and a week now and sadly, it'll be extended for more months! How upsetting is that? My world was torn down! I had so many things planned for this blog and for my readers as well. Will do my best to find the best alternative for the benefit of everybody (and that includes myself! lol) Anyhow, I should just do my favorite job for now and stop nagging. So as what you've seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I was more or less been around on one state and even if this state isn't as popular and doesn't have the best weather as the others, I would definitely prove that it's still worth touring and staying here. You just have to be in the right season to see its amazing beauty. But speaking of, everybody loved the Twilight saga right? And for all you know, it was shot in this state. Yup! I'm definitely talking about Washington State. So if you've learned to love the movie, I'm sure you learned to love the place too and sure you'll love it more here! I have no idea if I have US readers in this area but my fingers are crossed and I'm more than welcome to meet them here! Feel free to comment below or send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!

Unfortunately for now, I will be talking about one of the biggest airports in Asia that I've been to. Will get to my US trip later on my next posts. So today, I will be your tour guide! lol! Meet Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, it is known to be the largest and busiest airport in Taiwan. From Cebu, this was my second lay over prior to Manila and I got to stay here for about eight hours so I surely had the chance to tour around! To those who were asking, yes, I traveled alone and to those who are feeling sad about it, well, time will come you'll say to yourself that you'll need it. You can thank me later. I actually started traveling alone since I was sixteen and I didn't appreciate it that much yet that time until today. Being independent at an early age will take you far! So before this post becomes lengthy, I'll let the pictures talk.
(not literally!)

I'm such a sucker for puffy cottony clouds and I could never resist not taking a shot of their beauty. What makes these shots different was how they looked like a painting when in fact its only a photo. Now that's the power of my Fujifilm X-M1 camera!

How lucky was I when I was on the flight to Taiwan? Nobody was sitting next to me! I had all these seats to get cozy! #travelingalonebenefits Check! Haha!

As seen above, the stores at the airport are very organized. One store where you can find books and magazines, another for game gadgets, for cellphones and other electronic devices, for souvenirs, another for food and more so its not too complicated to find the store you want to go. And did I mention that, the last time I was here was last 2010 and I could say few things have changed in a good way!

To all the shopaholics out there, well, this part is for you. I managed to capture all the brands that you can find at this huge airport. I could say there are quite a lot so if you, by any chance, get here or get a lay over like I did, you already know which brands you want to check out. I did this for my beloved tourists, yes, that's YOU. Told ya I'm your tourist guide today! lol!

Taiwan isn't just the home of the Taiwanese people by the way. Personally, I also call it the home of the Sanrio World! Cheers to the 90's kids like me and older who was able to witness its popularity way back. I'm talking about Hello Kitty and Friends! I'm not that much of a fan but I still like Hello Kitty and I know some girls are a sucker of it so this must be your lucky day. Enjoy digging in! Not to mention, EVA Air, an airline from Taiwan, already has a Sanrio aircraft just few months ago and being the chosen airline for my whole trip, I was wishing that I could get to ride on that Sanrio aircraft on my long flight but I wasn't. Though luck was with me 'cause I saw it with my two eyes! I showed it on Facebook weeks ago.

Of course, this post doesn't end without a photo of the tour guide. Haha! #NoMakeUpLook and a good travel wear!

[Clothes For The Goddess knit top, Promod leather jacket, Hublot watch, Tomato bag, Fujifilm X-M1 camera]

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