The Black Lace

As far as I could remember, this was the last blogger outfit I had and the last time I wore shorts and not to mention, this was also few days before I left my hometown and country. Huuuuuu! I'm so missing home and all the work I usually do when I'm there. To tell you with all honesty and frankly, I was planning on selling some of my clothes this coming December and since the strong typhoon happened and with all these damages it caused, if I was present there right now, I would've moved it this month and give all my profits from it to the victims! Felt really bad that I couldn't help physically but I know helping virtually was also a great move. So to all Filipinos out there who's in the same situation as I do, there's really no excuse not to help in any kind of way!

Moving on, just to keep everyone updated, the posts after this are usually my travel posts! Yay! I can't wait to share it to everyone. I swear as ever it will be very informative, encouraging and of course, fashion friendly! Haha. For today, it's a lace-y kind of day. An outfit perfect for a versatile day to night weekend.

It's that interesting back surprises again. Never thought I'd learn to love this trend without exposing too much. Well if you still don't know yet, I'd always love to keep things interesting and that of course, includes how I dress up myself and how I choose certain apparels that describe both trend and my style. This long lace top from WAGW is already a statement itself because of its unique long lace see through details and I want those details to stand out that's why I decided to pair it with this high waist two-toned shorts from Pinkaholic. Silver/Gold mix, oh the joys of grabbing random stuffs in my accessories' boxes due to hurrying up. lol! Don't you notice it? Even my wallet and card holder are the only ones I have inside my clutch! Haha. #JudgeDontJudge For all that matters, that's what weekends supposed to be, right? Get easy, loose and breezy without exposing too much.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top/snake cuff, Pinkaholic shorts, Forever 21 heels/bracelets, Tonic clutch, Louis Vuitton wallet, SM Accessories necklace (old), Hublot watch]

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