Surprise, Surprise

Due to the weather being so bipolar nowadays, when the weather turns gloomy, the environment gets so hot even if it's supposed to get a little bit cold. It makes me wonder how the life in the space out there has changed and how bad Earth has changed as it ages. Good news is, at least most of the companies and other retailers and markets have done their part on saving Mother Earth. I guess for me other than participating on what the market has done and as a blogger myself, I'd like to find other ways of solving this sudden weather changes through dressing up!

And my suggestion are a bunch of cutouts! Well basically, we just can't stick to jackets and cardigans on gloomy weather these days though pants can still be an exception but we need to let some areas breathe like for instance in this look, my back to avoid getting all stinky and sticky with sweat. Surprise, surprise! Who would've expected to see that cutout surprise when I turn my back? I know you didn't too! Caught ya! lol. If you want to still expose your legs but don't want it to get wet with muddy water, I'd suggest some boots too or any closed shoes that has thick step on's. I'm sure you'll still be pretty stylish and appropriate with it rather than wearing boots on a sunny weather. But if you have a cutout boots just like what I have here, it's always an exception. Caps and hats are a must also if you're like me whose too lazy to bring an umbrella sometimes. Haha!

What do you think about my look?
Photos By: Pearly S.

[Trendphile striped overalls, Pinkaholic S/L cutout top, Fashioncookie Shoeavenue boots, Mauve necklace, Yhansy snapback cap, WAGW bag/crystal cuff]

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