Light and Bright

Have heard enough of the strong typhoon hitting Cebu and other areas of Visayas today and been praying for everyone's safety! Glad that most people had already prepared. For those who haven't, I hope you still have time 'cause anything could possibly happen. Though I'm stuck here in this cold area of the world, I'd always manage to update myself almost every single day on the current happenings back home. Like helloooo, more than half of the people I care and love are there!! (I'm not mad, okay? Just worried.) While I'm living safe and soundly here, it's my job to enlighten things up to everyone especially to my readers who are affected by Yolanda. I know most of us in the Visayas area have had quite a lot of phenomena's lately, everyone's slowly getting over and adjusting after the strong earthquake and its aftershocks and now, another typhoon. Let's not lose hope and faith but instead, let's stay closer to Him, closer than we've ever had before. Stay strong everyone!!!

Time to do my task. Being a blogger isn't always going for the maximalist and the high fashion but minimalist. Sometimes, we dress as light and as normally it would be. Fine, fine, we have that different kind of "normal" but still, we also blend in while still doing our jobs: To be an inspiration despite of us getting inspired first.

Bright colors have that power to keep you in style in just one snap! What I love about this yellow top aside from it being bright is that, it has this unique zigzag design and it's high low at the back too! The cut of the sleeves are just right and it's loose and very lightweight as well. Sure can't find this kind anywhere. I accessorized this look with its lovely pair of colors all in one ensemble. You see, yellow can be paired with blue, red, emerald green and white. And putting them altogether with this one top I used as a base is just one heck of an art!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top/necklace/belt/hat, Mango shorts, Belleza mini luggage bag, Tutum sandals, Hublot watch]

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