Laid Back Casual

Been out from one county in Washington State to another, and been away for about four days, is definitely the cause of much more delay on this backlog. After all, I'm making the most out of my long semestral break 'cause classes are about to start already! And I still have to fix a few but important things about my status here, which is the one that's currently making me busy after that four days trip. I'm crossing my fingers and trusting God's will wholeheartedly on it!! No worries dear lovies, I have a lot of great stuff for you pretty soon. Give me more time to pile them up and get them ready for you guys.

Today's outfit is about how to be casually appropriate with a laid back twist, which is the repeated combination of the title above. Read on to find out more!

Since it's sort of back to the rainy season already, this style staple could be of big help especially to the office working girls out there! I'm definitely aware that I'm not working yet but I hope this could help you to reinvent it with your own. Basically, I had this look on one of my "study-out" weeks which I've talked a lot previously here. It was in good plan when I went to bed the day before I went out to have this ensemble without the sweater cardigan but when I woke up, it was raining and I was left with no choice to stay and study at home 'cause for sure the bed will tempt me to sleep instead of studying. lol! So I really went out and wore the ensemble I had in mind last night and just tried to add this sweater cardigan in sweet mint from Pinkaholic and voila! The laid back casual came into my mind in an instant 'cause it literally looks like it, don't you agree?

I managed to keep my accessories in minimal as much as possible to avoid hassle while studying and be in comfy brogues. 'Cause seriously, it's way inappropriate to be in heels while studying! Haha! But if you'd be in the office, wearing heels is a must! #NoMakeUp face for that fresh vibe but again, if you'll be at the office, even light make up is a must too! You see, this post is more about the appropriate things even if I'm talking about mixing two different staples. Let's just say that you get what I mean! 

What do you think about my look?
Photos By: Christyl Ara D.

[WAGW top (old)/necklace/belt, Thistle&Co skirt, Pinkaholic cardigan, Cole Vintage brogues (old)/clutch]

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