Being Like Everyone

As a student and blogger myself, I make it a habit to organize my time and the things I do at a certain time. And of course if you still haven't noticed, I don't blog everyday and sometimes, I blog every other day. The reason behind it is because, I prioritize my studies first and right next to it are my blogger duties. Anything that follows that are just random things (though I also do my job as the eldest in the family, its part of my everyday routine already but its done more obviously every weekends lol) like meet ups for my small business and of course, I'm still a teenager, I hang out with my friends if I have time. I don't wanna miss those kind of things while I could still do and enjoy it despite keeping myself busy at a very young age.

Today, I thought of sharing about what I usually do if I'm off to school early and I do a lot of stuffs either for school work or blogger work. Most of the time, I head out, bring my laptop and other techy stuffs I need and go to places where I could set things up and get cozy myself though I usually go to coffee or dessert shops. Well for short, some place that serves coffee! lol! I'm such a sucker for coffee, if you guys don't know yet. I don't drink it everyday but if I feel the urge to, nobody and nothing else could stop me from doing it! haha. Anyway, one of the things I consider when days like this occur are the kind of clothes I wear and pick. Like what you see here, I'm dressing up ordinarily but I bloggered things a little bit by accessorizing. Loose top, cotton pants and sandals combination are just the right silhouettes to pile on. And guess what? I'm showing my big forehead again! Whoopsieee! #fingerscrossed this will be the last time! lol. It's just that, working and being busy should discipline my bangs by clipping them together to avoid interruption. #NoMakeUp look works for me also in cases like these especially when I'll be doing school work and study out sorts.

Events and some meetings are scheduled advance and so as some quizzes, exams and school activities and I also do research and study a lot of things, which means that I can't just put in memory all things in one everyday. That's when my datebook is in rescue. Everyday, I check and schedule everything there and when I say everything, even the smallest details needed to do or to be done (well don't be too literal thinking about including taking a bath, okay? haha!). Remember when I had a datebook giveaway from Tomato last year and I showed my own datebook as well? There were discount coupons inside the datebook and I haven't really used mine on this month's coupon so I thought of giving it to one of my male readers or my girl readers with partners rather than just put it to waste! All you need to do is shop at Tomato's site and pick item/s that suits your fancy for your boyfriend in the Tomato Green section and enter discount code: TMTARD upon checking out. That's 10% of any purchase from men's section with free shipping! The code only applies to online orders and you need to make an account in order to do online purchase. This discount code can be used by one person only so if you're done using the code and purchasing, comment below this post your fb link and twitter name and email me a print screen copy of your purchase at zai(dot)chan67(at)gmail(dot)com. Don't worry, you don't need to present your personal bank details and anything else private. This discount code works 'til the end of August so hurry now before someone makes use of it before you!

What do you think?

[Just G. top (old), H&M pants, Mauve necklace, Extreme Finds bracelet and watch (part of a set), Primaluxe sandals, Burberry bag]

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