Stripe Checked

When you need to leave the house very early like six or seven in the morning, you can never go wrong with black and white! It's the quickest color combination in any silhouette whenever times like you'll be in a hurry happens. Trust me, it's the best savior! Last Sunday, my family and I headed down south to the cemetery to visit my angkong (chinese term for grandfather/lolo). I know I'm a little bit too much in this ensemble but before we went to the place, we dropped by the most famous castle of Mama Mary here in Cebu commonly known as Simala. Now I'm saved, right? right? Haha! Just wearing anything that made me feel comfortable here. #sorrynotsorry. 

Before I continue talking about my outfit that day, I wanna share one of the traditional Chinese things I'm doing here (photo above). Despite the common thing you know whenever Chinese people visit their dead loved ones like offering their favorite food, fruits, light Chinese candles and play their favorite music at the grave, in my family's case, we also do this thing. The thin paper with a Chinese print on it that I'm holding and folding are like money, we have at least four or five packed sheets of it and all of us will fold it. Doing this thing together with my family will make us unite and closer, I might add. And after folding everything, we burn it. It's something for the dead as well, according to Chinese beliefs. Amazing right?

Proud to present my #nobangs look above. I can't recover looking at my forehead either! lol! This might be the last time I'll be exposing it (my forehead) here so better grab all your time. Haha! If you've noticed, I'm in my favorite snapback's again. Well, leaving very early is no make-up morning and still very sleepy morning for me so at least my snapback's saved me from my sleepy face and the sun of course! Stripes and checks which, on the other hand refers to my top and bag aren't that bad to wear together after all as long as they're both in contrast together, right? And you can't just go wrong with black + gold + crystals in one statement!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW dress (worn as top), Mango jeans, Cole Vintage loafers, Mauve necklace, Burberry bag, Hublot watch, Yhansy snap back cap]

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