If The Shoe Prints

Rephrasing on what's been said above, if the shoe is printed, it's definitely safe to go plain over plain. Isn't it a lovely idea? Since print on print got on trend, I usually see those ensembles almost everywhere and it's always finished in plain heels or any footwear. Now wouldn't it be unique to turn the common trend and wear it the opposite way instead? Though I've tried doing this before on a special occasion, now is the perfect time for me to try it on something that can be worn daily or anywhere.

Ooopsss! Didn't mean to surprise you right there! lol! Let's just include it on my crazy wacky stolen shots while doing outfit shots. Haha! Though my top looks plain in front, it's hiding something very unique at the back and I love little surprises like that. Not to mention, my new Burberry bag that just can store almost everything I need from my DSLR to my tab! It's one of the bags I'm currently over using especially now that the weather is super bipolar, I won't make the wrong choice with this one 'cause it's waterproof too!

What do you think about my look?

[Tangerine top, Zara pants, Tutum heels, Burberry bag, For Me necklace]

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