It's this time again. I can't escape why this should happen almost and at least once a year. So many thoughts came up to my mind. I thank God that I haven't experienced nor encountered something like this through the years I've been living in this world though on the other hand, I can't stand seeing people, kids, babies, families with vanished homes due to the drowning flood. And as a medical technology student, I could just think of the possible diseases they could get out of it and it makes me all the more worried. I know this post sounds so serious and not so me but this blog makes me express so much of how I really feel rather than saying it. I'm so lucky and there's really so much to thank for every single day, and I hope dear readers that we should learn or start thanking Him everyday even in the most little things that could happen in the day. I remember last year, in the same month when something as bad as this happened. Now I suddenly asked myself "have we been very sinful that we deserve this?". Though I won't judge nor say that I haven't sinned but it just makes me wonder. I just really hope everyone learns their lessons, especially the government officials who have been doing bad and abusive stuffs. So much for things needed to be pondered, what our co-Filipinos staying in the Luzon area needs right now are clothing, shelter, food and most importantly, our prayers.

Hoping that everyone knows who to contact to! Most schools (in Manila) are also open to donations either clothing, money or food.


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