Black & White X Gold for Samille

Does this photo really look like I'm singing? Haha. Well it probably not 'cause I'm no good singer! This is actually me telling my message to a debutante which is my friend (of course)-- Samille. I've known her for quite long already as a boyish girl but now, she's already a lady! And I'm so happy for her. Yay!

She informed everyone that her dress code is formal with a touch of black and white so this is what I came up with last Saturday:

I know most of my photos are not really good since its already night and the lighting is quite bad. Hope you'll just bear with me trying to improve my photo quality.

Is my white top seem so familiar to you? If not, I actually have worn it already here. Well, there's nothing wrong in repeating clothes especially if you styled it in different occasions. But I'll be telling you, I loved how I came up with this whole look most especially my shoes! I kept on looking at it while the event was going on. I was just thinking that since my top and skirt was plain, I'd go print on print on my shoes. And voila! That's what I came up with. Isn't it cute? The most funny thing about this look was my skirt, the size is XS and its still loose on me. Good thing my aunt handed me down her stylish belt that suited my outfit as well.

To make my look formal, I opted to wear these stacks of black and gold tassels that I got from Wear Mauve. And a simple vintage ring that really gave me a hard time to have a great shot since its so sparkly plus a bronze-like clutch with little diamond studs in its lock from SM Accessories. And how could I ever forget my necklace that I call my "Koko Krunch Necklace"? Its funny, I know but its actually petal necklaces from SM Accessories too! Here's my most favorite part:

They're super cute to look at! I'm melting while looking at it. *sighs* Just don't mind my super short thighs. Sadly, I wasn't born tall. The prints of these cute platform pumps are cream in color and most of my friends liked it!

What can you say about my black and white x gold look?

[Clothes for the Goddess L/S white top, Forever 21 high-low skirt/ platform pumps, Wear Mauve black&gold tassels, SM Accessories clutch/ necklace, Esprit dotted socks]

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