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Since my summer class is done and the first semester is coming, I need to have at least a vacation before another school year starts. So, I decided to fly to Manila! Well its not my first time either.
I guess I will visit Manila at least once or twice in a year.
Actually, the photos I will be posting today is what happened on the 2nd day of my stay because I failed to take photos on the 1st day due to laziness. Haha. You can't blame me having a 7am flight!

Moving on, day 2 started early morning of June 2, 2012. And I guess everyone knows that its Blogger's United 3 Day! And I was pretty excited to go.

Tadaaaaa! Here's a picture of me and one of the top fashion bloggers in our country, Kryz Uy!
Like any other girls who is inspired by hers, she is also one of my inspirations.
When we arrived at the venue, the line was really long and when we got in, more people are coming and coming in! So I kinda found a hard time choosing fashion stuffs around the bazaar and
I was sweating. I bet you've noticed I was wearing heels too so its really hard.

After about an hour and a few minutes, we decided to leave the venue and have lunch. So I took another pose for last and this time its with another famous blogger Patricia Prieto!
Sorry for my not so pretty look, told you I was sweating already and I wanted to leave then and there. Hee. But believe me, I was really happy I went to the BU3 and took photos with my favorite bloggers!
So here's my outfit the whole day;
I hurriedly went to Rockwell and had some lunch there and bought some flats to change the heels that I've been wearing roaming around the bazaar. My feet and legs did hurt. So happy I found one so quick!

It was a long shopping day. I was with my sister and we went around each famous malls around Makati.
What can you say about my look?

[Clothes for the Goddess L/S Collar Top, Forever 21 shorts, Bayo flats, WAGW necklace, Wear Mauve bracelets (stacks) and rings]

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