Lace Fail

Few days ago before classes started, it had been raining here in Cebu. But last Tuesday morning, the sun was up. Thinking of the good weather that day, I decided to go to the mall to buy some stuffs for school since it will start on the following day and so I thought of wearing these newbies that I got from my this year's Manila trip. Anyhow, did I mention that I went to the NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys) concert? Well yes I did! I just failed posting it because the photos were at my sister's cam and she was busy hanging out with her friends the moment I thought of blogging it.

Back to the topic, I opted to wear this laced top that I got from Jewels. If you don't know about them yet, they're selling vintage printed tops at a very affordable price! My top has actually a V-style laced cutout at the back and also laced at the shoulder part. I forgot to take a shot at my back actually because I was pretty tired when I got home. Heee. I really thought that the sun would be up the whole day but then it suddenly rained as I was on my way to the mall which also means that my lacey top became a failure :(
Nevertheless, I just arrived at the mall doing what I was supposed to.

And probably you've noticed that my photos were collaged. Haha! 1. Its because it was almost night time when I got home that is why the lighting is kind of bad on my photos. 2. I don't want to go out anymore because there's no more natural light (as I've said its almost night time) and 3. Again, I was pretty tired already that's why the shots were that bad so I just thought making it as a collage. Hope you'll bear with me for now. Heee.

How'd you like my "I thought the sun will be up all day" look? Haha! Kiddin' here. I meant,
What can you say about my look?

[Topshop cropped pants, Mango Accessories sling bag, Jewels laced top, Trappings zebra bangle, Promod belt, Bayo flats, Bloggers' United bazaar coral and gold all in one stacks/connector ring]


  1. Great outfit, I love it! Who cares if it started raining, hey? As long as you looked fabulous ;)