Neons On Me

Since most of the medical students are always busy even on weekends, I decided to communicate with my friends from my previous school. Because I miss them so much, I told them that we'll hang out on Saturday at the mall. So here it is! My new post for the busy month! An afternoon at the mall with friends :)

I currently have my "red days" now but its almost ending so I looked for an outfit that's loose and comfortable yet still in style. Yes, I am talking about this long pants that I got from WAGW! Its just so comfy and easy to walk around. Most people even think I'm wearing a maxi skirt. These long pants are printed as well so I paired it with a simple sleeveless tank from Bayo. Its quite old but every girl should have this in their closet since its part of the basics. And check out those neons hanging on my neck! Don't you just love their designs? I'm giving my biggest THANK YOU to Edge Co. They have great designs on neon necklaces and you can even order it in any color you want! Isn't that a big steal? If you want to have some like mine, you can order at Edge Co here.

And I bet you've noticed I'm wearing my Mango sling bag again. I just couldn't get rid of it. Its so stylish that I could pair it in most of my outfits especially when I'm hanging around with my friends and a plus comfort if you want to feel light walking around! Neutral wedges also paired great with my whole look and they didn't actually hurt my feet. I walked with them the whole afternoon. Yay!

I just opted to wear simple arm candies and a bangle from Aldo. And also a jaguar connector ring to make a statement. Well, what can you say about my look?

[Bayo S/L tank, WAGW Dotted Long Pants/ Sunnies, Aldo bangle, Mango Accessories sling bag, Edge Co Neon necklaces, A.G. Cordeshoppe Jaguar connector ring]

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