Urban Brunch at Café Noriter

It's quite odd how I entitled this post urban brunch at Cafe Noriter when in fact, I was there late afternoon. Well, being too honest isn't bad sometimes. Haha! After all, there's really a reason why I entitled it that way. Will explain thyself, just read on! On the other side of note, I am beyond happy that our little potato (my baby cousin Michael) was finally discharged at the hospital. If you guys notice sometimes I tweet about babysitting, I'm actually spending time with that cheeseball. I'm such a good loving cousin that I love taking care of him and all the more when he got a disease! I spent time at his private room almost every afternoon, like how a real mom would do. *pats self back* Glad to be back at blogger work after a week or so! Today's post is about my experience at the very popular and fancy Cafe Noriter. Before anything else, let's start with my outfit first.

Nothing gets breezier and comfier with a tee that screams cool and a pair of black basic shorts! The weather that day was a bit bipolar and it was gloomy when I left the house so I secured myself with a pair of cutout boots. What I love most about this pair is that, it's really safe to wear it whether the sun is up or not because of the cutouts! It makes it very unique also and very blogger-like that's why when I saw this pair at Fashioncookie, I didn't have second thoughts of getting it. And get ready, this pair is a sure bet of over used. lol! Another secure accessory is my retro/vintage hat that made this ensemble retro and edgy at the same time but with a splash of my style. Oh wait, thought you've noticed my boo-boo's. Please excuse that and don't bother ask what happened to me! Haha! Though, it will be there for quite some time and I'm really really hoping that it will look better 'cause I have a lot of posts coming with my knees exposed.

Ever since this cozy cafe opened, it's been full packed of people daily that even on weekdays, people are still waiting to be seated and it gets more a lot of waiting people on weekends and holidays! (talk about a very good place to hang out) Cafe Noriter got popular not just because of their great ambiance but also because of their very tasty, sweet and indulging ice cold and hot drinks and desserts that'll surely make you cheat your diet. Haha!

Since I'm too conscious about what I've been eating lately, I managed to try their cafe latte instead of getting their ice cold drinks and believe me when I say, I loved my latte that time! My friend Jen who was with me got the Java Chip drink and I think she enjoyed it. It looks so tempting right? Sorry dear readers, I'm honestly not here to make you drool but I'm here to encourage you to try Cafe Noriter though! Hope its working :)

I bet you've noticed there are footwears on the floor and I'm wearing boots. I wouldn't suggest wearing closed shoes or any footwear that's hard to take off cause you need to leave them near the area where you'll be seated and that includes the seats upstairs. Everybody needs to squat so the best suggestion I could give is wearing sandals! I also won't suggest to do study out there because the place is too noisy to study but it's best when doing group projects and group work/research besides hanging out with your friends!

Here's me fixing my schedule using my Tomato datebook.

There's so much good about the place and the most important thing you can do is make memories, and it's definitely one of the places to make one. I have to say, my first experience there was great and I'm definitely coming back! Though I can't wait for them to branch out at I.T. Park sooner, I hope it will be bigger than their first branch here in Cebu.

P.S. I say hi to the three girls I met at Cafe Noriter! You guys know who you are and thanks much for entertaining me while waiting for my friend. Haha! Hope you keep coming back reading my blog.

*2 photos posted here were taken via web.
Credits to Jen for taking my outfit shots!
On my outfit:

[WAGW urban brunch tee/belt, Zara shorts, Michael Kors bag, Fashioncookie Shoeavenue cutout boots, Tomato chained bracelet (part of a set), Accessorize hat (old), Spalding watch]

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Located at: One Acacia Unit 10 & 11, Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City (Across Hotel Elizabeth)
Contact: 09273647138
Like them on Facebook: fb.com/noriterph

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