Chambray + Neons

With a family that's almost always busy, it's hard to spend time completely together especially on "normal days" when everyone's working on each of their responsibilities like work, school, business, etc. That's why we always look forward to Sunday or holidays 'cause we make sure we'll spend at least a day in a week together no matter how busy we get. Few days ago on a holiday, my family decided to spend time on a lunch date at one of the famous seafood restaurants here in Cebu, the Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant. Talking about seafood and traveling, I'd honestly say that anything served fresh (seafood) is really way better than the microwavable ones or the ones that are ready to eat! That's why nothing beats eating seafood here in the Philippines! And with an ambiance that's away from the polluted city air, this place is way perfect for family gatherings. Too native not to love and the view looks great whether you dine in day or night!

Those times when you have to just admire a breath-taking view that instantly takes you to a different world. Aaah! I'd be guilty if I'd say I hate fresh air. And speaking of air, my hair was cut two inches and people kept saying it looks like it wasn't trimmed at all! Nevertheless, I'm glad enough that it's trimmed and my bangs are back! How do you guys like it?

Missing the neon trend, I still love how it stands out in any light hues like this chambray + white + silver combination I did right here. I've had this high-low top for quite some time right now and the possibilities of styling it are definitely endless! I could just think of wearing it to the beach as a cover up, our pair it with shorts and boots and a lot ways more! I love apparels that are sophisticated 'cause it doesn't just burst out the stylist in you but it could also make you save money. I bet you've noticed I'm into wearing snapbacks or any kind of hats lately, well, they always finish any look especially on hot weathers like what we're experiencing these days.

If you're like me who's afraid of heights and anything I step on that moves then don't wear heels if you're planning to go there. I admit I was being ironic that day or maybe challenging myself perhaps? lol! Well, I just really wanted to try my new heels from Sugarfree that time and luckily, it's super comfy and it fits me so well (it saved me from my fear A LOT!) even if it took me time to reach the restaurant itself from the parking lot. Haha! Not to mention, the amazing details this Belleza clutch has are just super feminine and screams sophisticated as well.

What do you think about my look?

[People Are People top, Zara jeans, Yhansy snapback cap, Belleza clutch, Sugarfree heels, WAGW belt, Call It Spring sunnies, Mauve necklace, Spalding watch]

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