Nineteenth Casual

Oh how time flies so fast. The last thing I knew, I danced around the eighteen important men in my life, listened to eighteen touching messages and received eighteen significant and sentimental gifts and now, I'm a year older! How I wish I could say a year younger. lol. Few days before my birthday, I was really really busy being a student (main reason why I haven't done blog posts) that I didn't feel and realize that my birthday was getting nearer 'til someone reminded me of it! So as to everyone who asked me about how/where did I celebrate my birthday? You guys always know I want simple whenever this happens and I usually celebrate my birthday through a meal with family and friends (but its more of the friends part), and the fact that my sister also celebrated her 18th birthday last month plus my little brother's birthday is a day after mine, I don't wanna burden my parents' pockets and I love my siblings so much that I want them to have their best birthdays ever especially to my brother who's the youngest in the family. So, I just thought of having a family lunch on the day of my brother's birthday to make all expenses one. Haha! And I spent my day with my relatives who, on the other hand gave me a birthday surprise. To sum up everything, I celebrated it fully with my family! Which is, a great thing to start right? Anyhow, thank you for all the greetings lovely readers, you made my day extra special!

And obviously, today's post will be about my birthday outfit! How could I forget my readers during my birthday, right? This is my birthday gift to all of you! #lovelove

Of course, the most important thing anyone would do on their birthday is to go to church and thank Him for another year, right? So in church, I stock up with these casual look and added a studded cardigan to make it church appropriate and still put together and of course, I took off my retro/vintage hat while I was inside the church to show some respect. It's one thing everyone should never forget.

Took off my cardi after church and voila! My real style came in! lol! I know you notice it too, this ensemble is so me right? Everyone really agreed. Couldn't get over that I piled my fave hues in one outfit and it's just way too perfect and sooo me! And I'm wearing a hat again, I guess I've proven enough how much they do their job very well right? right? right? 

Since my top has crystal hearts in it already, I decided not to wear a necklace anymore to avoid being over the top. And the best part? My nude heels and bag were just perfect enough in making everything casual. Aaah! I couldn't get over how everything complemented each other. I accessorized in minimal in order for me to have fun and enjoy. Funny thing was everyone teased me as "little chinese" in this look. Haha! Instead of wearing my usual nude lippie, I decided to be bold and wore a matte red lippie and I guess you guys haven't seen me in one yet here in my blog right? So here it is!! Teehee. Tell me what you guys think? Yay or nay? Btw, I'm using a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream here, though I forgot what shade. Apologies! The best thing about my bag (other than its currently over used. lol) is that, I could add another sling on it, a longer one and it transforms as a sling bag! #worthbuy

What do you guys think?

[Monkee Business top, The Closet Goddess cardigan (old), Mango jeans, Accessorize hat (old), Payless heels, Louis Vuitton bag, Tomato cuff (part of a set), Tendence watch]

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