Sister in Legality Photodiary

I've been talking about the busy weekend I just had lately, if you guys have noticed. (via Twitter and Facebook) Well if the title of this post is still not too obvious, let me just spill it directly to you. Har har! It was my sister's birthday last Friday and she's already a lady! Horaaaay! Please help me give her a round of applause. Clap! clap! clap! We've been together for, well, since we came out of this world! lol! And we do things just like what normal sisters would do; bully each other, get so close and talk about any kind of crazy stuff and then, we bully each other again and sometimes we fight but at the end of the day, everything's good. Crazy life cycle right? Though I'm pretty sure our childhood would be so boring if we didn't have each other. Time flies so fast that now, we're both ladies. Ladies that act like crazies. Haha! Though I know most of you will probably say that we don't really look alike just like most people say but then, it doesn't change the fact that we're sisters. Its just that I'm more of the Chinese beauty as what they say and she's more of the Filipina beauty. Anyway, I'm really thankful and blessed having readers like you guys and you're the ones that inspire me to blog and share my style and because I want you guys to know more about me also as much as you guys want to, this is my way of saying thank you- through sharing about one of the most meaningful events in my life and in my family's-- my sister's 18th birthday. It was really a great night and of course, I won't let you guys down. I mean, my outfit/money shots will be blogged on a separate post. lol Have fun as much as I did!

Tadaaaa! Let me know what you guys think between my sister and I. Haha! Please do leave a comment! And by the way, we're all Z's even if our mom and dad didn't have any Z in their names. Teehee!

With friends and relatives. Upper left photo of the collage, remember my first few posts when I started blogging last year? Well, meet the guy behind my #ootd's- Nigel. I actually prepared a surprise song for my sister and he was the one who did a duet with me. Never mind the video of our duet, I suck at singing. Haha! He's pretty good at instruments and singing, count the photography skills in! Upper right photo of the collage- me disturbing the DJ and acting like one! lol! Will mention more about this guy later. Lower right, me with my uncle whom I usually spend movie nights with because we're so close like that.

This guy over here was the emcee and the DJ during the celebration. I bet most of the Cebuanos have seen or met him already 'cause he's really popular in events like weddings, birthdays, reunions and all sorts! The ever popular Ryan Uybengkee, is really good at entertaining people and is also doing other stuffs outside the entertainment world. Know more about him through this video link and you can also subscribe to his YouTube channel here. (Contact 09238444977 for event purposes)

More photo bombs! lol. It's just really that great time you spend with almost everyone in your family in one meaningful family event!

The theme of my sis' debut was Travel so all the seats that were assigned to specific guests were also themed according to different places. And guess which country or place I was seated? I really enjoyed the snapshots from Fujifilm's instax camera. Makes me want to get one for myself!

Aaaaand as usual, the night (or should I say the midnight lol) ended with me checking out everything from the social networking to my emails. I'm definitely in to #bloggerwork like that! Stay tuned for my #ootn that night on a separate post!

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