Have you ever tried mood shifts due to weather changes? Just like when a day starts sunny and then you're feeling bright and happy and here comes afternoon, it suddenly shifts to gloomy and you start to feel lazy but you have to go out 'cause it's scheduled and you agreed to hang out with someone. Fiiiiinee. You guys got me. It happened to me few weeks ago when Wolverine started showing in cinemas. Haha!

I guess piling this look says everything on how I feel that day. Blank and all gray. Nothing much to say. At least now I know I'm still acting myself even I feel lazy, dressing up my style proves it! lol!

This high low skirt I have here which, if you've noticed, I've worn and styled a lot of times already is obviously a favorite! It's very comfy, no wonder it got sold out at WAGW already. But what I'm actually trying to say here is that, there's nothing bad about repeating clothes as long as you style them differently. I guess you can clearly see the differences and how style is really essential right? Having this shirt + skirt combination in this cotton gray type and hue does make me feel like I'm just in my pj's! Wearing this outfit without accessories would totally look dull and dry, that's when my hologram midi's comes in! And my necklaces as well. They're the ones that added sparkle in my look.

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic top, WAGW skirt/necklace (piled on top, old), Mauve necklace (piled under), Spalding watch, Tutum hologram midi heels]

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