The Quickest B&W

This is what happens if you don't have much time and you've packed your DSLR safely on your carry on luggage; do outfit shots via phone! I know it's sad 'cause it will surely look better if the quality of the photo is good. It saddens me too beloved readers but just think that I did this for you! Effort din 'to! (translation: This is done with effort also!) This easy as one two three look that I have here is what I wore on my flight back to Cebu. And yeah,  this was after all the cancellations that happened last Sunday (Jul. 28) due to the thunderstorm, I missed my morning class on Monday 'cause my flight was rescheduled at lunch time. Thank you so much, Cebu Pac! Good thing we didn't have exams/quizzes.

Moving on, this look is definitely a product of my laziness. I was really tired 'cause I slept late the night before due to an amazing phone call I had with my best friend. lol! I guess you couldn't blame me for that. Haha! So the best way I could do? Pick the most comfortable pants in the world-- my all time favorite Mango jeans and this tank top from Pinkaholic that just surprises anyone when I turn my back! I added some snapbacks to cover my "tired looking" face and just piled accessories in minimal. Yes, you got it right, another travel wear tip!

Now don't you just love that unique surprise cut at the back? The moment I saw this on Pinkaholic's website, I knew I had to have it! The cut is very unique! And this post will probably be the shortest and the very few photos I'll ever post. Haha! Photos here were taken via iPhone 4S. Apologies! I promise I'll make bawi on my next posts!

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic top, Mango jeans, Mauve necklace, Louis Vuitton bag, Fashioncookie Shoeavenue wedges, Yhansy snapback cap, Spalding watch]

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