How To: Be Stylish in Plain With Old Trousers (3/3)

This post continues my short Manila trip and the styling post series that I did with my old trousers. (Click here for my first post about the trip and here and here for my styling posts). On the second day of my short trip, I made sure to really get out of my Aunt's condo early and spend the rest of the day going to the places I listed in my itinerary. I'm organized like that and I manage my time very well especially when I'm traveling. Of course you wouldn't want to miss the great spots of a certain place just because you woke up late right? So I started it by trying out the service of Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell. Whenever I'm in Manila, I usually choose to got to restaurants, malls, boutiques and other establishments that are not found in Cebu and the Nail Spa Lounge is just one of those. When I got there, I really fell in love with how everything's designed (talking about the interiors here), everything was too girly to ignore! (nice marketing strategy there lol!) And when I was talking about their employees and asking about their services, they were very accommodating and warm! They're honest enough in everything about your nails and your feet. Teehee! Though their services are quite pricey, I could still say it's worth it because you won't leave the place with regrets within yourself! 

My #allsmiles on my photos while being polished just says it all! Haha! Check out how my nails looked like here and like Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell on Facebook. After the services and a few walks around the mall, we headed for lunch at Lugang Cafe. It was my first time to eat there and I didn't just love the food, I loved the ambiance of the place as well! No wonder why most Chinese people spend time eating and hanging out there. I really couldn't help but take photos of their interiors. I guess this hidden love of interiors within me is starting to bloom, what do you think? lol!

Aaaah! I can't stop staring at those shiny chairs and amazing lights. And remembering the taste of the food there was just... "YUM!". That's all I could say. Haha! Definitely coming back!

Finally, the last and the most important thing to talk about in this post-- my outfit. As always when traveling, pick the ones that could take you anywhere. I played safe by combining plain silhouettes in unique shape but still comfortable of course!

Because the weather in Manila that day was rainy and gloomy, my cotton on cotton look was just perfect! Count the lengths of my top and trousers in! I was so glad everything was just right.

I chose to pile accessories that won't cling easily on anything to avoid hassle when doing shopping. Yes, I shopped also on the same day. Imagine how tired I was during that day. Got back in the condo a bit late and tired but everything was worth it! 

And this ends my styling session with old trousers. Always remember that having trousers in navy blue is never a wrong choice! For me, every girl should have one. I still treasure mine even if it's a bit old already.

What do you think?
*Credits to Andrea for my outfit photos.

[ JC Buendia for Kashieca top (old), H&M trousers, Forever 21 wedges, House of Luxe studded cuff, Eazy Fashion pearl and crystal bracelets, Minicci (c/o Payless) earrings, Louis Vuitton bag, Extreme Finds necklace]

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