A Weekend In The Big City Photodiary

If there's one thing I've been wanting to do before year 2013 started, it was to visit Manila again! Though I don't really like the crowd there ('cause I just can't survive a crowd due to being anemic and I faint easily) and the fact that the traffic there is just super bad and how not-so-safe it is there, the things and reasons that makes me want to go back to the capital city of the country are simply the memories I've made with my family and friends back there. (Count all the shopping galore and restaurant hopping in! lol) Though with the super busy sched I had and all the emotional things going on when this year started plus I had summer classes pa and the crazy enrollment. I didn't have time. BUT unexpectedly, so many things had happened lately. I started doing a little business and my blog just kept improving and so as being a blogger myself, sponsors came in (#thankGod for the blessings!) and my favorite Aunt in world left me here and started living and working in Manila. I just love and miss her so much that I wanted to visit her and check out how she's doing there. (I'm such a sweet niece, I know!) So, I'm left with no other choice but to fly. To make all the gazillion reasons short, I miss Manila so here's a little photodiary on what important and crazy stuffs I did there.

We'll still talk fashion related stuffs here. I just love my Tumi X Anna Sui luggage! It's so girly and very convenient that I didn't have any other person in any of my flights that has a similar luggage as this! In this case, you won't get the wrong luggage and argue with the owner. lol. You get what I mean!

A #selfie #ilooksofathere shot at the MCIA (Mactan Cebu Intl' Airport). I checked in early and my flight got delayed! grrrrrr! #travelproblems

My flight was supposed to be at 4:20pm and due to the delay, it was changed to 5pm. Golly! And so I arrived in the evening and rainy Manila welcomed my arrival, the traffic was VERY CRAZY! I hated my first day 'cause I was supposed to do stuffs when I arrived but I didn't push through it due to the rain and the crazy traffic. ughh. All I did was update my readers via FB and Twitter the whole night with my energetic friend-- coffee! lol! If you followed me there (fb and twitter), you've probably seen most of the photos I'm posting here.

2nd day. I started it great to recover how bad the first day was. Haha! Here's a 7am view of Roxas Blvd. and Baywalk from the 27th floor of my Aunt's condo. 2nd day was the peak of my stay. So many things happened during that day.

My first Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell experience! Can't wait to tell you more about this on my next blog post!

My favorite shot. Haha! Shot this after I had lunch with some family relatives and friends.

After lunch? I went crazy with my cousin and a family friend at Greenbelt, did a little shopping and exchanged paths with a few celebrities there. And that's just what we did (take more photos) after I took outfit shots just because some Chinese looking guy took a shot of me while I took outfit shots and was walking around in the area looking like he was waiting for us to get done. Quite scary, huh? But I won't judge! Good thing he left few more minutes after, I guess he thought we won't stop taking pictures. lol.

The happiest and the most satisfied girl in the world when she first tried her Bathina from Benefit Cosmetics. Haha!

Last minute shopping for pasalubongs! I was super ready to fly back to Cebu after this until the scary thunderstorm happened. Read more about it here.

Hope you enjoyed my mini photodiary of my mini getaway in Manila!
By the way, today's the last day of my Extreme Finds giveaway! Hurry your entries while there's still time!

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