School Girl + Extreme Finds Giveaway (CLOSED)

If only my course has a wash day and I'd get the chance to dress up at least once a week, I would be really happy! And I'd probably wear this dress over dress ensemble. Yes, I'm wearing two dresses here! Style is very essential indeed. But I know you're too distracted on the additional title up there so let's get this done.

You just don't know how comfy this outfit is even if they're in almost the same silhouettes. And that's what we need in school also, right? (to feel comfortable in what we wear 'cause it requires a lot of moving around) Just keeping things in minimal in order to avoid distractions and of course, comfy flats that will take you anywhere in a big building full of classrooms! lol! I guess this proves another thing about accessorizing with tan and black hues. I'm so glad they really work! And you've noticed I'm using this over used bag again. You can't blame me 'cause it's very spacious that I can put almost everything I need for school in it plus its design is very dainty, which I love the most (the two big pearls) and the very cute hat that protects my head under the sun! (or maybe the one that helps me hide my ugly grown out hair! lol) I could totally describe this outfit in a few words; "Comfy and stylish at it's best!" Haha! 

Btw, the red dress that I used as a top here is actually the red version of the dress that I wore here. I just love the print so much that I had to get it in another color, which is also nice right? 

What do you think about my look?
*Credits to Ara for taking my photos.

[WAGW red dress/striped dress/hat, Tutum flats, Marni bag, Extreme Finds necklace, Tomato (part of a set) bracelets]

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Since last month, I've been wondering where to find lion head necklaces here in our country 'cause they're so trendy and can be worn in almost any kind of style and just damn pretty! So when I found out that Extreme Finds are selling it, I totally grabbed the opportunity with no second thoughts. I just had to have it and with the fact that they have it in different styles, I totally died! If you're wondering what Extreme Finds is, it's an online shop that sells great quality accessories and it's one of the very trusted online shops in our country. It's also very popular and most of it's clients are bloggers, stylists and they're even featured in some magazines! You guys just don't know how happy I was when Extreme Finds agreed to collaborate with me (TGWTS) to host a giveaway! And besides, I've never had a giveaway for quite a long time now plus my blog just celebrated it's 1st year last June 6, 2013! I know it's kinda late to celebrate that but still, better late than never! So it's sort of a double celebration here, that's why I decided to have two winners for this giveaway. Yes! You heard that right! TWO WINNERS FOR THIS GIVEAWAY! I know you guys can't wait any longer!

There's sort of a twist in the way I'll announce the winners though, please read carefully on what I'll say here. Whoever's name I'll announce first via my Facebook and Twitter will win the 2nd prize and the second name I'll announce will win the first prize. Got it? Yes? (If not then read it again lol)

Here's what you need to do in order to have a valid entry and win;

1) Like Extreme Finds page.
2) Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Lookbook and Blog Lovin'. If you don't have these accounts, it's really easy to make one!
3) Tweet/Status this: "Win a lion head necklace and a watch set on www.zaithoughtofstyle.com! #tgwtsgiveaways @zaaaaiii (for twitter, mention my twitter name) / @TheGirlWhoThoughtofStyle (for Facebook, mention my page)"
4) Comment below (in this post) your complete name, Twitter name/Facebook name.

After following the 4 easy steps, your entry will be valid and please comment only once. Multiple entries will not be counted. Winners will be picked randomly and the deadline for submission of entries will be on 11:59PM of July 31, 2013. Entries beyond that time will be invalid as well. I'll announce the winners via Twitter and Facebook.

This giveaway is exclusive for Philippine residents only.


  1. Lovelene Pearl Fajardo

    Twitter: @lovelenepearl
    facebook: Love Fajardo

  2. Yuka Sato :)

    Twitter: KeikoHirohata :)
    Facebook: Matsujun Arashi :)

  3. Pearly Rose Soledad

    Twitter name:Pearl_Kitty
    Facebook: Pearly Rose Soledad

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  5. I love how you styled that red shirt with the dress. Nice necklace, too.! :) You have a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know in my blog and I’ll follow right away. : )

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. The red one is actually a dress also. Thanks Jenniya! :)

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  7. Marine Rose Decena
    FB:Mai Decena

  8. sherry ann gole cruz
    fb:sherry ann

  9. Arra Odeza
    fb: ARra Odeza

  10. Lovely Joy Merced
    FB: Joy Merced
    Twitter: @joyluck_614

  11. Erika Fukuda
    Facebook: Erika Fukuda
    Twitter: @iy_kang

  12. Crystal Marie Cañete
    FB- Crysy G. Cañete
    Twitter- @ystalc

  13. Name: Mica Ella P. de Jesus
    Facebook: Mikay De Jesus
    Twitter: @micaloveirish

  14. Gie Cruz
    FB: Gie Cruz
    Twitter: @edgiecruz

  15. Janice Que
    FB: Jaja Que
    TWITTER: @quejaja

  16. Winners were already announced via my Twitter (@zaaaaiii) and Facebook (The Girl Who Thought of Style).