For The Last Time

In life, there are some situations when you need to distance yourself from someone really close to your heart because it's just for the better at the moment. And that all you need to do is trust God's will, because he knows what's best for you and for both of you. I know I sound so deep and serious today but this is what actually happened the day I had this ensemble. 

On the other side of note, It's amazing how clothes can also be part of a very important and memorable day in your life, right? And you can't always judge people with the clothes they wear and pile on because fashion is an art and style is essentially within the person. Yes, it's on how the person dresses speaks for his/her personality but you'll never know that maybe when you met or saw that person wearing a particular attire that day, he/she must've tried a different style that he/she haven't tried and is still figuring out if he/she's gonna love it or feel comfortable in it or not, right? Or it could be that he/she is just really very comfortable wearing the kind of clothes he/she usually wears and has no bad intention and impression of wearing it. You see, we really don't know so much about a person if we just look at him/her physically and neither we know about his/her current situation in life. Most people dress the way they do because of a certain mood they're in on a particular day. So the safest and best thing to do? Don't judge easily, get to know the person and find out the truth about that person yourself first (through him/her and not to others) before you say something against him/her.

On to my outfit, I mixed casual and playful. I've had this orange skirt for a few months now and it's the first time I wore it that day. And I was thinking of making a preppy outfit with this too well, pretty soon! Still looking for the perfect getaway to wear it. lol. It made such a big difference when I tied my shirt in a knot and when I didn't. (Remember this shirt I wore here?)  I picked this shirt to be paired with my skirt because it was so sunny when I wore it and this shirt is over sized, just perfect!

Well, don't you just love how put together my accessories are? (And my bag's counted in!) In order not to look so plain and common with the usual print over plain or shirt over skirt, I picked this new favorite statement necklace of mine from Mauve. I'm currently attracted to gems and embellished accessories and I bet you guys have noticed that. They're just too sparkly to ignore and an instant statement at the same time! No need to pile another accessory to make it look better. And speaking of! Did you know that I got my arm party here as a set? Awesome right? And it's another favorite of mine including my pretty sandals from Primaluxe, so chic and comfy! Aaaah! It always feels great to wear your favorites together in one outfit!

And if you guys didn't know, I actually styled a set of arm party (13 different styles) quite similar as what I have on here (watch + bracelets). You can check them out and buy them here.

What do you think about my look? 

[Bubbles skirt, Mauve necklace, Extreme Finds watch set, Kimbel bag (old, c/o SM Accessories), Primaluxe sandals, Minicci (c/o Payless) earrings]

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