Tan Striped (With A Little Secret)

Wondering why I'm so dressy here? (well me too! lol) I could definitely picture this whole look on people who do business. If I'm like them, I'll surely wear this ensemble. It's very appropriate and comfortable enough to move around but of course, it won't be any good without self confidence, right? So, we should never forget to develop that! I have to confess I kinda did it on purpose to talk about a look that could correlate to business 'cause I have something to share to everyone. I've been waiting for this since few weeks ago and I'm beyond excited to share it. Read on!

Let me finish talking about my look first before I tell you my dirty little secret. And no it's not as dirty as you think! lol! Anyway, I never expected that mixing a striped white and red dress would look great when accessorized with black and tan hues. At first, I was just thinking about it but I couldn't help to try everything on and I was beyond impressed at myself on how it came out! I think there's that magic going on with the three colors, I really loved how they complemented each other. Another thing is this dress I'm wearing, it's the most unique one I have so far. It's trendy with it's high low and striped design but with that plain chiffon with a striped print going on at the end in the sleeves is just pretty adorbs! It even has an open slit surprise at the back which, I apologize I don't have a photo on. Teehee. 

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW dress, Yhansy jeweled necklace, Extreme Finds lion necklace, Aldo bag, Charles & Keith heels, Minicci (c/o Payless) earrings, Eazy Fashion black and gold bracelets]

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Since I have a little extra time this semester, I thought of doing something in order to earn. This isn't the first time I did this but it always feels great to start all over again in a different aspect. I guess when you have that Chinese blood and culture within you and with the fact that I grew up with a very business minded family, I guess there's no second thought why I could think of doing business, right? Since I won't be doing this for long, probably just for a few months, I thought of posting what I'm selling on my Facebook page (The Girl Who Thought of Style) instead of making a different one just like how online shops do. I'm proud to say that I thought of this myself and I'm actually doing it myself as well. It's something new to me so I hope I could get everyone's support. Teehee. But I'm so sorry for my international readers, this one's exclusive only in my country.

Remember when I tweeted and shared a photo of an arm party I styled? Those are actually for my small business. I also sell those trendy lion head necklaces (that's quite similar to the one I'm wearing above). Here's a little teaser photo;

The watch sets are just some of the arm parties I styled, yes, you heard that right, I styled them myself! And it's only one stock per style and with regards to the lion head necklaces, those are just few of the styles I'm selling, which means that there's still more! And stocks are very limited, so if you want to get first dibs before you lose your favorites, I'll be uploading them this Thursday on my Facebook page at around 3pm and I'll post the details there (price, quality, etc) as well.

Hoping to satisfy your wants! 
P.S. These items are very on trend this season!

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