Shades of Gray

I'm so touristy and in a photographer dressing! Don't you think so? It just reminded me though. But this ensemble is inspired by the rainy weather last Sunday (during Father's day) and I know, I know I've been inspired by the weather four times already. Forgive me but, I just can't stop dressing in these kind of hues as of the moment! What makes this different among the other gloomy inspired looks I piled on? It's on this look where you can find all the shades of gray! (light gray, dark gray, white, black, silver-you name it!).

I wore this comfy outfit during Father's day and it just reminds me of how fifty shades my Father is! (lol. hi Dad! you know I still love you even if you're fifty shades sometimes!) And it also reminded me of the Fifty Shades trilogy which I finished reading since November last year and I can't wait to watch it on film but I still don't know when it will come out. Rainy weather is very congruent to lazy feeling that's why I made sure I was very comfy enough to wear this sweater dress with an amazing print that I transformed to a top from WAGW, it has this foamy sweater type of cloth inside it and it's going to make you feel like you're lying on a comforter. It's that extraordinary and unique! This outfit would definitely look different without an outerwear, so I did some blogger magic and added a WAGW cardigan that I transformed into a vest. Doesn't it look better? Transforming apparels never felt and looked this good! lol.

You might have noticed I only have a few photos in this post. What happened was that, the weather calmed down after we had lunch so I quickly grabbed the opportunity to take outfit shots but when we were almost done, the rain came back so I hurriedly posed whatever I had in mind just to have some photos to be blogged about. I hope you guys still find it good enough! Teehee. Anyway, I did minimalism (again!) because it's a family day and Father's day so there's no need to accessorize that much, my favorite necklace and a few bracelets that matched the colors of the look were good enough!

Oh well, drool over tasty yakiniku all you want! Haha. Kidding! If it isn't obvious, this was what we had for lunch, cooking while eating and talking different stuffs. And we called it a day after.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW dress (won as top)/cardigan (worn as vest)/necklace/bag/fedora, Mango jeans, Cole Vintage loafers]

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